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  1. 9 hours ago, Weazelsun said:

    @faatal @madmole 


    1) Is the map still going to have snow in the north and desert to the south as it currently is right now? 


    2) How many new props/ decoration blocks are there for A20?

    RWG biomes are random. These are the biome images of the 2 worlds I currently have:



    Don't know the old numbers. Currently there are 1295 shapes:


    7 hours ago, wclem1974 said:

    Would it be possible for someone to either give or estimate server recommendations for alpha 20. We run our own server for 2 to 4 people. 


    Running 8000 series i3 with 24 gigs ram. It served well for 19 but would like to know if upgrade is needed. I cannot find anything released by the fun pimps. All I find is people's opinions, and you know what that is wirth lol. 


    Seriously  though, a reasonable estimation, even if it is over estimated would be appreciated. 

    It is basically the same, but better in some cases and worse in others:

    + Some things are more optimized, but those changes mostly target FPS smoothness.

    - RWG towns are more dense, so more blocks. Downtowns more so. Designers are still padding and tweaking POIs/tiles.

    - Towns have more zombies. Downtowns more so. Those are still being tested and numbers tweaked.

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  2. 4 hours ago, wolfbain5 said:

    well, how about just deletes the character profile? this way you can set permadeath for MP games and servers. would work for sp as well and all containers would be locked, and defenses would then target the new player and the land claim would belong to as far as the server is concerned, to another player.


    PS. faatal and other employees do not count for guppy's linux "player" base. even tho they play, they are employees of the game.

    I don't use the Linux. All Windows here. Well, a bit of Mac if I have to. :yuck:

  3. 37 minutes ago, Blake_ said:

    @faatal , what does "Added biome spawning supports disabling spawn types using POI tags in an area." mean? 


    I understand it like: You added code for allowing POI designers to place a POI and disable spawns in that particular POI area using the colored box system if they so choose ?

    Nope. It allows biome entries in spawning.xml to be disabled based on the POI tags in each biome spawning area (80m x 80m) of the world. The designers are already using these tags for RWG.

    Now I can do things like this in a biome where this spawn type is only enabled if commercial or industrial, but not downtown.

    <spawn maxcount="4" respawndelay="0.3" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" tags="commercial,industrial" notags="downtown" />


    45 minutes ago, Blake_ said:

    Lol, that is actually true, but they won't let it get past Christmas, even if it means that we get a few MF bugs for early experimental.

    Every experimental has some MF bugs left. Lower priority MFs can be done throughout the experimental period. There are usually still some MFs when we go stable.

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  4. 22 hours ago, TheGutterKIng said:

    Got two questions for the devs, I apologize if they have been asked but I could not find any information on it.

    -Will screamers be able to detect the player at bedrock now? I can run 10 forges, multiple campfires and chem stations with no screamers spawning, or mine at bedrock with the auger without them spawning, even with block damage turned up to x3. Mining 10-20 blocks above bedrock still spawns them as normal it seems, but just not right at bedrock.

    -Will demolishers ever be added into POIs late game or just late game blood moon hordes?

    Screamers work the same.

    No changes for demos planned.

    21 hours ago, Spuder said:

    @faatal Is there going to be something displayed on the HUD when going into the different Biomes that show the modifier, Or will this be all hidden and behind the scenes so to speak?

    It was talked about, but not yet.

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  5. Finished a wish list item today. Early tester feedback seems good. More zeds in towns. ;)


    Added biome spawning supports disabling spawn types using POI tags in an area.

    Added commercial, industrial and downtown biome spawning types (more and faster respawning zombies).

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  6. 9 hours ago, Blake_ said:

    This is what happened in the dev stream:


    Rick, Joel and Latham played a few adventures together, full of twitch freezes and POI looting, a bit of base building in the form of precarious squared wood structures and a few pipe weapons with jammy shooting. Overall it was fun, they also showed a few twitch integration features and confirmed that a20 will not be out until a total of 127 bugs get fixed (way later than Halloween, but they didn't give dates at all).


    Bugs that appeared in the dev stream (very few actually)


      Hide contents

    -Water shows yellow on the map

    -hitting safes with an axe (and probably other structures) might heal back instead of causing damage on multiplayer. Networking issue.

    -Vending machines can show nothing when first opened and force a switch through the vending machine tags to repair the blankness.

    -Zds can die standing AND without collision in multiplayer, showing to all of the players.

    -Some Zds still lack dismemberment (like the lab girl head) due to the feature being WIP into a waay better one.



    @faatal time of day and hour can't be seen when looking at the new shinny sky clouds (bright white) , like those on a sunny day. Was it the stream palette or is that an actual issue?

    The sky is basically the same as a19. You can often see the sun. Probably just the weather combination at that time.

  7. 4 hours ago, danielspoa said:

    any idea if the game stage boosts from different biomes gonna be moddable/exposed in the xml? appreciate any info regarding this :)


    <biome name="snow" topsoil_block="terrSnow" biomemapcolor="#FFFFFF" lootstage_modifier = "1" lootstage_bonus="20">


    Comments in the file:

    A20 Biome Loot Modifier and Bonus
    Biome Modifier A.K.A lootstage_modifier percentage added to the loot stage calculations
    Pine Forest 0
    Desert 0.5
    Snow 1
    Wasteland 1.5

    Biome Bonus A.K.A. lootstage_bonus whole number added to the loot stage calculations
    Pine Forest 0
    Desert 10
    Snow 20
    Wasteland 30

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  8. 8 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:


    I'm failing to see how TFP hiring new programmers is beneficial then.

    Because once new programmers come up to speed they can be a net positive to the team, you just don't want to be doing that while you are trying to get an alpha out and fix a hundred programming bugs. That is why one of our new programmers is working on player outfits for a21 and not a20 tasks.

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  9. 4 hours ago, MajorMunchy said:

    So i see that we have devs working on A21 stuff...why are their resources there and not on polishing up/getting bugs fixed on A20? are their skills not worth while there or can they just not help in anyway way? AKA they dont know how to fix bugs and are only designers/artists? just wondering....cause if they can fix bugs why not...would be a shame if A20 was delayed a month or so just cause you did not pool your resources in the right places at the right times

    then i see this lol so maybe i am right..?

    Welcome to the Alpha 20 Dev Diary. Here we will discuss upcoming features for Alpha 20.


    RELEASE TARGET: October/November

    As Roland said, people have specific roles. Programmers are not interchangeable. Over time two can be if they both learn a system well, but that rarely happens, since there is plenty of work to spread around. New programmers can be a time drain, since they often have to ask other programmers how stuff works and sometimes you could of just spent that time fixing it yourself. Then you get new bugs while fixing bugs, which just happened recently when a consultant tried to fix a bug where they don't understand all the game features, then I spend time looking at their bugs and trying to help, blah, blah, blah.

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  10. 34 minutes ago, Xtracker said:

    I ask question on zombie Stripper Has the name been changed to Zombie PartyGirl? (If so, did she get any changes)
     or maybe it's a new zombie that hasn't been shown yet?

    Have any Zombies removed from A20 ?


    Stripper is now party girl. I think football player and cheerleader. Maybe old timer and a few others.

    42 minutes ago, vergilsparda said:

    Not sure if this has been discussed before but* I recently caught up to (mostly) every reply in this thread and was wondering something that I don't think has been answered clearly (or, 100% it has, and I can't read—very much the reality here lol). 


    I know that a later alpha, either 20 or beyond, will feature an overhaul to the outfit system; dropping from 10 slots to 4, and a "whole" suit giving one or multiple perks. When the question was asked previously—I may have read it wrong,—it was said there is no perk provided if you didn't have a full set of armor. I have also read, I am 60%ish certain, that you possibly won't find all four pieces of armor in one go, and instead find either a book to make said armor, or one or two pieces at a time depending on other perks and factors. Is it alright if someone can explain a little more plainly or in-depth of what that means? 


    My questions boil down to this, basically, and again I'm sorry if I've explained this badly:

    • If I were to wear pieces from multiple different sets of armor (think helmet from one set, legs from another, etc)—is each piece going to give a miniscule bonus, and the total of all four pieces gives you the full bonus, or is it no extra bonuses at all? 
    • Does the previous question also affect a set's armor rating; as in, if I were to wear only one or two pieces from the same set of armor, would I not get an armor rating, or will it work like it currently does where each piece gives a certain armor rating?
      • In a similar vein, will there be an extra armor rating bonus for wearing all four pieces of the same set?
    • And, if it is and or none of those, does it work more like the current system, or a system in which if you have anything less than a full set, you don't get anything at all? 

    Again, sorry if this was roundabout, I'm terrible at explaining things and my thought processes are very jumbled a lot of the time! x

    Not A20. We have a new programmer who is working on it. Should be A21.


    The details are probably in a document, but I don't know them. That could all change anyway, so I would not count on anything.

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  11. 57 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    Alrighty then.


    Has content lock been hit yet? I was going to ask this anyway but this seemed like an appropriate time. :)

    Nope. Designers, artists, programmers are all still tweaking stuff and working on features, while also fixing bugs. If we even have a real content lock, it would probably be the final week.

    43 minutes ago, Doomofman said:

    That's not really related to player built/modified POIs and forts rendering the distance though. It's a different feature that I was surprised wasn't shown off, I don't think I'm being greedy asking about it

    It is there. It works like you would expect. It was done by an outside programmer, so is not in an area of any of the programmers in the streams.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Jost Amman said:

    @faatal someone on Steam said that the Raft could be added in A20 since it's basically already working well. Is this true/probable?

    It could. It is not working as a whole, but the parts are there. We have model/textures. We have vehicle buoyancy/forces code. It all needs to be put together, tweaked and tested. Recipes and icons made. Added to loot lists. So many hours of work, which could be done for A20, but don't bet on it.

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  13. 14 hours ago, Survager said:

    Hi @madmole, @faatal


    On the fifth stream, there was talk about the damage that the transport inflicts on zombies and the developers said that they did not want the transport to inflict a lot of damage on zombies, as this would make it a universal weapon. It was also said that vehicles could only do a lot of damage to filler zombies, which, with some degree of probability, could appear in the game in the future.


    Why don't you consider the option of vehicle breakdown from colliding with zombies depending on the type of zombie? So a motorcycle, for example, could inflict damage equal to 100% of health to ordinary zombies, but at the same time, the transport would receive 15% damage, and when colliding with mini-bosses like a zombie cop or demolisher - 30%. In addition, wild zombies could receive 75% health damage, and radioactive zombies only 50%.


    In this case, it would also be possible to add modifications to the vehicle in the game that would increase its damage and durability.

    I would be grateful if you point out to me the errors in my reasoning 🙂

    I'd consider it, but not like that. That makes me want to hit nothing, since my vehicle would be quickly trashed.


    There could be mods for that, but not in A20.

    9 hours ago, MajorMunchy said:

    Second, @faatal On the subject of voice changing, is it possible to have the voice/audio change when a certain mod is equipped? like say....when you equip it with the teddy bear head it changes to whinny the pooh, wouldn't that be a simple AND gate coding? aka if the drone speaks AND it is equipped with X mod, replace file A with file B? (not sure if DC circuitry and coding can correlate haha)(Also i've never modded 7 days so no clue what goes into that/this)

    It is possible if we wanted to spend the time on it.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Gamida said:

    I asked last stream and never got an answer. Maybe it wasn't relevant am not sure.

    I was wondering if being able to plant birch trees would ever be possible to be added. The region I live in they are abundant and I would love to be able to plant birch around my base.

    It seems we can pretty much plant everything other tree that grows but not the birch.

    It is possible, but I don't know. You asked a design question to programmers. We typically know the designs of the systems we are working on, but as far as extra content outside the scope of what we do, we would only know if someone mentioned it to us. Additional content to an existing and working system tends to fall into the polish category of if someone has time and desire, then maybe there will be more of whatever.

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  15. On 10/9/2021 at 11:42 PM, Blake_ said:

    Unfortunately first person needs polished driving animations an clipping testing.  A limited first person would be odd and overall a bit bad. No more than 3 weeks to get it done with 1 animator that actually has the time.There's always shamway up the road in a21 if you don't mind stealing some mates for the task. 

    If I get to it means period. I'm not talking about any alpha is particular.

    It does not animate. It is hand IK on a steering wheel and actually I may not even show your hands or the steering wheel.

    Needs are subjective. What you consider adequate may not be what we decide. In the end if someone does not like how first person or third person works, they can just not use it. Now if they don't like either, I guess they have a problem. ;)

    On 10/10/2021 at 9:07 AM, Guppycur said:

    What he's doing is likely binding the mouse wheel to the CameraDistance property and increasing those differences; the steering already turns and hands are already on the wheel so there's nothing to animate.


    Like right now, the CameraDistance for the gyro is 6,8 meaning the camera goes between 6 to 8 blocks away from a spot, so he's probably changing that to like 1,8 and binding the mouse wheel to that range.


    /guppy guessing since 1971


    Close. I actually added a distance scale variable that changes with mouse wheel. That then scales the vehicle's current distance, which allows the vehicle to still zoom in/out with speed like it does.

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  16. Worked on vehicle camera and stutter bugs and decided to add this:

    Added vehicle camera zoom in/out. Uses mouse wheel or controller d-pad up/down (30% to 120%).


    First person driving, if I get to it, would be an extension of zooming in. 30% is close, but not the same.

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  17. 7 minutes ago, MajorMunchy said:

    can you tell us if the audio file type change in a20 and if so (or not so im stupid and dont know what they are) let us know? can't wait to put in whinie the poohs voice

    Should be the same as our other audio files. Resource folder wave files that Unity imports and compresses to Vorbis.

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  18. 4 minutes ago, MajorMunchy said:

    Will we be able to change that ourselves easily? or will it take the effort/time similar to a mod

    The text to speech is not in the game. It was used to make audio files, so you would have to replace the files.

  19. 17 minutes ago, MajorMunchy said:

    even so, they used i believe jsut some generic unity voice. 99% sure that is the EXACT same voice for the game Ark:survivals robot that follows you in genesis,,,,,

    Text to speech. Plenty of tools out there that can do it in a convincing fashion.

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  20. 26 minutes ago, enragedcamel said:

    So when is A20 coming out? Is it still "when it's ready" or is there an actual release date now that official streams have started?

    There is no date. We just feel we are getting close.

    22 minutes ago, Games&#x27;n&#x27;Grumble said:

    Hello @faatal! Thanks for the great stream! But I need to ask - where is the water? I mean, Lathan was traveling on the Navezgane map, and on it there is a river between the forest and snow biome. Even the bridge is visible. Will there be water in the A20? 😄
    (sorry if I missed the answer on the stream or forum)


    There is a water bug currently. In Nav and maybe RWG too, it is floating high in the sky.

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  21. 41 minutes ago, bdubyah said:

    Yeah, having them a bit dumber and more direct on horde night would mean you gotta defend all angles instead of easily funneling them using their "intelligence" against them. It's just jarring to see multiple groups going ham on a wall, only for all the other groups to join whichever one weakens a wall first as soon as they detect the weakness.

    They are only going to get so dumb. You build small bases and you limit their choices. Build bigger bases and since distance is a path expense, they will tend to not go the long way. One solution is just adding some totally stupid filler zombies.

  22. On 9/29/2021 at 1:06 AM, Roland said:

    faatal is totally addicted to Traders. I doubt he'll dump that monkey on his back. ;)

    Ha ha. I don't care for traders. Makes the game too easy. I pretty much just use them to sell junk to and buy books. Do the occasional quest. I want a survival experience, not a social one.


    Trader stock would be a good setting. I'd go 10%, but when you have hundreds of things to do, features like that will often not happen or sometimes team members will object to a feature and it does not happen.

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