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  1. To be exact, you didn't buy a console game from TFP in the first place, so you are correct - you definitely won't buy a console game from them again. Unless they release two more, in which case you might do.
  2. CP is an acronym for hundreds of things, including 'Control Panel', 'Copilot', 'Candle Power' and rather aptly 'Cherry Picker'.
  3. I'm not sure that passive healing uses food. I was always under the impression that it was stamina restoration that was linked to food consumption and if you've focussed entirely on Fortitude then you probably haven't got any points in Sex Rex. Also, if you're going in jabbing and power hitting occasionally you will be using a fair amount of stamina, could this be the reason you're using a lot of food rather than the healing?
  4. Someone swapped his chocolates with laxatives? Definitely not me though.
  5. Hell no, that's either a buffalicken or a chickalo.
  6. You are literally wrong that literally nobody likes stealth.
  7. Maybe you are passionate about what you see as an issue but you're losing credibility with your attitude.
  8. Actually, Roland said 1200 CST at the earliest...
  9. At this point i'd expect any revelations to be discovered in the scheduled streams.
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