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  1. has the 5.3.1 update been added to the mod launcher cause it shows it as 5.3 still
  2. so i was looking in my inventory and realized i needed bones i was in a house basement 4 doors basic scrap metal betwen me and the upstairs and when i close my inventory what do i see a ramdom horde of militairy and scientist comming at me ^_- moral of the story becareful what you wish for ^_- lol what are some of your guys best random encounters
  3. couple of questions can i store stuff in any containers that i did not make . with out having to worry about loot respawn can any recipeie be learned viva book example iron tools in skills section i use points to unlock can i find a book to do the same for it ? so i do not waste points how do i select a quest to show currently it shows builder quest in top corner but i want to see another up there can i plant seeds under grown no holes for sunlight to shine through or plant on a roof and if i can plant on a roof how do i get the dirt layed down what is the best way t
  4. do not think this mod likes me very much frist 3 nights in a row i am swarmed by a military wondering hored
  5. i just started war of walkers mod big change compared to normal 7d2d are there any read me files or youtube vids that goes over skill progresstion and other major overhauls also what would be a good sp setting to start a game with nothing over the top easy or hard somthing middle while learning the game
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