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  1. I Love this game, it has sooooo much to offer and i wish to be one of the people that makes this game better. I have sooo many ideas that will help this game along.  Issues i have dealt with:  The inventory system, the zombie spawn issues, the overall issue with the graphics and lagging, the ease of use, and problems with operator malfunction, etc. BUT THERE ARE SO MANY GOOOOOOD QUALITIES TO THIS GAME AND I LOVE COMING BACK TO IT EVERY TIME!!!

  2. Thats true, never had to think about that before. Thanks for the input!
  3. Ever since A19 came out, the land claim block will not place down, anywhere. when i try it gives me the little squelch sound and does nothing. i have tried making a new one and same. the only mods i have installed are the UI mod for the inventory buttons and it is a single player game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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