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  1. Oooo, that IS fancy! Has a boardwalk-but-kind-of-a-wooden-playground vibe!
  2. Can't wait for bandits. Glowy zeds and the wasteland are fun, but endgame bandits, oh wow, haha
  3. I'm thinking what you're thinking, Gideon, that the late/endgame/story elements are reserved for Gold release. No proof though, just my speculation. For what it's worth, several mods, like Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst, have added a variety of endgame content, like more difficult POIs and more/different/stronger zeds for late and endgame weaponry fun. I have a Darkness Falls playthrough where Blood Moons are turned off, and it's still a blast to play, very fun mod to play on its own.
  4. It was a very "who put all this poop in my pants?!" moment. I nearly learned that lesson the hard way. I guess those can be the best teaching moments. Gawd...
  5. I dunno, Khaine, you're a helluva modder with "Darkness Falls" and your other projects, so I think whatever your crazy modding brain decides to cook up with A17, you should call it whatever you want to call it. As a lowly pleb who nearly bent his mobo pins installing his new CPU, I'll play whatever you and our crazy-talented modding masterminds decide to cook up, no matter what filthy names you come up with for the TFP's dev cycle ;-)
  6. I dunno, Jax, you and the crew have given us plenty already! You should probably take a break or three ;-)
  7. My little shriveled heart always breaks when I read news of development houses/publishers shutting their doors. It's such a tumultuous and horrible event to be suddenly laid-off. Where do most displaced workers end up going? A few friends who work in data centers told me it's just the cyclical hiring/firing process of software development/publishing. That is...terrifying. How do you get any peace of mind?
  8. @RegalKain: Hopefully you don't have to deal with too many newer players who are stumbling into your Ravenhearst server. If they're TRULY your friends, they'll take your advice and read up on the changes Ravenhearst makes so they don't cause you too many headaches! If you can possibly help it, steer the newer players away from Ravenhearst until they're really comfortable with vanilla mechanics. Watch out for biome dithering, too. If you're anywhere near the red zones, you may accidentally walk over one or two-square patches of radiation biome. Sinder made a great post about it somewhe
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