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  1. No, haven't tried that quest yet.
  2. Do you have the advanced campfire?
  3. You can only craft cows, you don't need live ones. Check your crafting menu and type cow. - - - Updated - - - Looks like you need to do some more digging Live chickens you get occasionally from harvesting killed chickens (found in the desert)
  4. With chickens you have to make a chicken coop in the farm table (also for the farm journal quest) and then get a live male and female that you craft in the coop into a fertile egg. This you put on 3x3 animal bedding which has to be upgraded with a pitchfork before. The pig you create also in the farm table (also with animal feed and animal bedding). Here you can make a piglet with a live male and female pig that you then put on 5x5 upgraded animal bedding. The live animals you get randomly when you harvest chickens and pig in the 'wild'. You kill these hedged chickens and grown pigs to obtain lots of meat. The cow is the easiest thing to make and use,, again just animal feed and bedding. This cow you can place anywhere to produce milk. And only when you got the survival skills and living of the land maxed out.
  5. QUESTION: Did anyone find a live MALE chicken? I'm starting to wonder if it is not bugged. EDIT Just found a male chicken (after having killed over a 100 chickens)
  6. You can also harvest barbeques for grill (50% chance) But the question was about crowbars About chickens, I'm level 165 now, killed over two hundred chickens and got 6 female live chickens so far, gotta do more chicken hunting.
  7. try looting cars, car parts and working stiff boxes. Still rare though, good luck.
  8. When you have placed the surveyor, found the next spot 5 times just dig around in front of your last surveyor. Mind you when you find the box you still have to harvest the fossil that appeared.
  9. RH5 is still in development, expect some changes and additions to come. Especially with 17.2 being stable now.
  10. Just to say I love this MOD. Makes A17 much more enjoyable again. Thanks JaX
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