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  1. Got to our discord channel: https://discord.gg/sztBDKs (I'm not experienced with servers but there are who could help)
  2. Are you using A17.2 or A17.3? See below ONLY with A17.2. There is an update in the make for A17.3, to be released soon™
  3. They are a placeholders for possibly future update.
  4. No loot only, and ever thought of selling engines to the trader? Pocket mods is a vanilla issue. Fossils, dig normal rock and the big lump of rock you see sometimes (not the bolders). And the desert, I believe it started out like that and got changed but this description not, just guessing. Go for the rock
  5. just random, not very common. trash, working stiff boxes. Don't remember where I found them elsewhere. (And to be honest, the resources you get from autominer are meh, more a gimmick atm.)
  6. No you have to wait until it becomes stable.
  7. Try cabinets, washing machines, trash compactors, lockers, desks, cardboard boxes and nightstands edit: Also cars, trash and trash cans/bins can have them. (And wait until you gonna make four car seats, you need 32 twine for them) Happy looting ps don't forget to repair tools BEFORE the breaking point (level 10 and under).
  8. Yes you need a crowbar (loot only) for the special parts. As for the schematics, It's RNG so keep searching bookcases. As for the siren lights, wrench (with a crowbar) cars with siren lights like firetrucks, police cars and what have you. Good luck.
  9. Copy a FRESHLY downloaded A17.2 to a folder and copy the unzipped player files (check second post) to the 7d2d folder.
  10. That's normal for the first posts for everyone . A measure against bots I think.
  11. Yes, correct. You need to craft an archer class and gun class to unlock the perks above 3. And yes some questst are broken or bugged, to be updated soon™
  12. Restart the game as you get it when you finished your basic tutorial or use CM in the console (or cheat mode) to spawn a new one in.
  13. Z's spawning odd is a vanilla issue. The empty survival journal you have to read to start a quest (also read the instructions carefully). 1. They do work but I can't give you an explanation. (I use military armour mostly. I'll try next time steel armour to see if there is a big difference) 2. Again a vanilla issue, Madmole was saying he was going to redo that system. It's a bit borked. 3. Kill it for meat, not really exciting I know. Maybe the next update it'll change.
  14. There must be a wandering horde out there, there is a max on number of Z's ingame.
  15. I'm talking about 5.13 yes, jars are made in the blacksmith forge, also in 5.0x
  16. I just found out you can craft Brick blocks in the workbench. And mortar needs jars filled with clean water also crafted in the workbench
  17. You upgrade cobblestone to brick.
  18. It means that 5.1 Vanilla Textures is the correct and the new 5.13 You can check the version on the splash screen and ingame pressing esc
  19. And the auto miner you can place almost anywhere to function (two blocks empty vertically)
  20. Both the meat cleaver and burcher's knife are loot only. Looting is very important in RH. Also drill bits and crowbar are loot only
  21. Yes, 5.2 (not released yet) will need a restart
  22. Can't modify vehicles, clothes only take dyes and twines you find most in the 'smaller' lootables like trash, nightstands, lockers, suitcases. Similar for acid but more like cabinets, trash and medical stuff. Also don't forget cardboard boxes and cars alike. (it's supposed to be somewhat rare loot)
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