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  1. Ores are mostly biome related again, coal in burned biome. nitrate in snow, lead in forest, iron in the plains and shale in desert.
  2. The quest owning the night MUST be activated at night, just tried it. Why would it be called owning the night Don't know how to mod your second question but I do know this will be addressed in the near future. Is intended those last 9 slots never unlock and there are no longer storage mods ingame anymore
  3. Thanks for sharing, I'll mention this when other players ask about GNU-Linux compatibility
  4. They are the rock under the surface below the soil. They give Limestone. Only not in the Desert Biome. Sorry, no linux support from RH, too much work already. Has to be someone from the Linux community itself to make it happen.
  5. Most mods I find are in shotgun messiah crates/boxes. You repair most tools with the main component it's made of, like scrap iron, forged irom, forged steel, etc. Most weapons and advanced tools need a repair kit. You'll lose around 8 quality points each time. You can also use the combine method in the workbench (not the personal) in the two slots for it. Best is to use a lower item with full health and another one (that has not a zero health). You'll loose two health on the highest level item that way.
  6. 8 GB memory is too little, you'll need 16 GB (min 12 GB) That memory leak is a Alpha17 bug, we can't do much about it Closing game totally and restart after a couple of hours playing is their advise It is a mod from someone else, that is how it works. Destroying can when you remove the blocks from under it (and aside if any)
  7. Quote of Jax: I know a few of you have been looking for support and to have questions answered. I have been absolutely swamped with work, RL and working on RH that I do not frequently have time to be able to come here and answer all questions. Your best bet is to head over to Discord and there are a number of VERY knowledgeable players and mods, myself included, that are always around to answer questions. It is a very active and great community.
  8. You have to 'read' it, right click in inventory not a bug, intended. You have to stay within 30 blocks so you can't just lure them away. And don't worry too much they are easy kills, you can even punch em.
  9. Wrench or detroy a BBQ you see outside sometimes and as in loot ovens You have to use a crowbar (loot only) on vehicles to get the special parts.
  10. Health bar zombies is not active because it is too arcade-like and spoils the fun whether or whether not you killed that zombie, surprise factor. Intended.
  11. I've just started playing a vanilla game on a server. It just happenend to me with a motorcycle, still a vanilla issue.
  12. Is intended, you need the backpack mods in your armor to get them freed. They need the client Mod installed by themselves.
  13. Better ask your players One thing not to do is playing on insane settings, you won't be able to keep up with the rate the game goes and zombies become OP.
  14. Try reinstalling the game using the Mod Launcher. If that doesn't work come to our dicord channel to get more help: https://discord.gg/YBHD9f3 (please note that RH is now 5.4.9)
  15. Turn off texture streaming in graphic settings And the game crashing like that is often a steam issue (not online/unstable for a moment) I found out.
  16. Use a crowbar (loot only) for wrenching to get the special car parts
  17. In CM you can find the 'class papers' just give yourself the desired one.
  18. The lab bottles are going to be fixed next update
  19. try: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/325202/how-do-i-install-mods-on-a-mac - - - Updated - - - Some have it running but RH does not support it.
  20. We are active on discord:
  21. BUG CONFIRMED with RH 5.4.6 Shovels and auger do not harvest. hotfix coming soon.
  22. RH 5.4, 8k map, seed is "demenato", 5 traders, 5 non-vanilla skyscrapers 4k map, seed "Fifty Four" 5 traders, 2 CaB HQ, 4 non-vanilla skyscrapers
  23. A very good chance in a week you'll be playing the next RH update (for A17.4).
  24. Use the creative mode to give it to yourself
  25. You HAVE to get a CLEAN (never played) Alpha, try the Mod Launcher instead. But on the other hand if you use a modlet on top of RH this is what can happen, no support there from us. You find them on the roads, they are tires with a rim inside them. Just destroy them.
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