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  1. Great that asphalt blocks are back in the game, but they behave like a chameleon now.

    Means, they have always the color of the underlying block. On grass they look like grass, on gravel they look like gravel. Only when placed on a road they look like asphalt. Please take a look at it.

    And would be cool if asphalt would be added to the paintbrush color menu, like gravel is. So that we can colorize road ramps in the right color.




  2. some action skills are sometimes reset to zero on our server, I have 2 times blunt weapons dropped from 50 to 1 [ATTACH=CONFIG]31092[/ATTACH]


    Known bug, is being looked at with highest priority


    have you removed your own title music on this a18 version? it was great.


    TFP changed some things, we'll get it back at some point

  3. How do the insect beer traps work?


    craft the beer or honey trap and the refill. Place the trap in daylight and use a refill with RMB. There is also a quest for this.

  4. Hello everyone! :)


    i tried to install this mod first my Nitrado Server. But I had no Problems with setting up this mod as a local Server(my PC)


    First i tried to connect with Game Launcher (prolly wrong game Version ?? ( i think it was 6.2.1 or so, but Server files were 6.2.4 ) i thought game mod launcher is always up to date or text in launcher is wrong...


    Second i tried it with manual install with FileZilla... i get an error on console like: ...prefab missing block ... some item from Mods / RavenhearstIcons / UIAtlases / ItemIconAtlas, ... but i checked client and Server item and both were the same...


    Question: When i "add" Ravenhearst Server Files: Do i have to Replace the folders OR add /replace the new files in the folders


    for example in the folder 7DaysToDieServer_Data/Managed there are 95 files and in the mod only 4 files. I did just replaced the 4 and let the rest of the files in it, was that correct?


    ALWAYS use a never played vanilla game and better clean all game data too.


    And yes the Mod Launcher has an old version description but is always up to date and WILL download/upload the latest version.

  5. Actually it's not an issue.


    Some zombies spawn as "full HP decoys", which means they don't react to sight/sound events.



    Thanks for the technical explanation, I did understand it is a vanilla thing (should have used another word then 'issue') ;)

  6. Hi JaxTeller718, great mod. I am trying to add a backpack with 120 slots, it gives me an error in the option of the automatic buttons. Is there any option to add one? Greetings.


    Hola JaxTeller718, magnifico mod. Estoy intentando aٌadir una mochila de 120 ranuras, me da error en la opciَn de los botones automaticos. Hay alguna opciَn de que aٌadas una? Saludos.


    RH is so heavily modded that it is incompatible with almost all other mods. We give the advise not to use any other mods and don't give support on extra mods added to the game

  7. Standing by for the next half dozen updates/hotfixes since the testing team seems to have not actually done the initial starter tutorial quests and early gameplay. No excuse for the lack of quality control


    Thanks jolly chap

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  8. That gunshots often don't wake zombies is a vanilla issue. Whether they see or hear you is a random event. Like you make noise and all the zombies upstairs wake up and the ones you're seeing don't, lol

  9. ....

    While playing last night, on day one at about noon, a tombstone appeared about 50 blocks ahead of us and a screamer emerged from it and ran straight for me...


    It's been a long time since this game scared me like that. And it's only day one. In my opinion this is good. I've become too comfortable in my own play-style. The witch will keep me eyeful of my errant complacency.



    EDIT: I have just started a new world and ahead of me was a gravestone among the trees. And of course I had to approach it... I thought they spawned based on heat. Anyways, good spooky stuff :)


    That is a special screamer coming from tombstones, always run but low in health and doesn't call other zombies. As you noticed it is 'just' a scare. :D


    I am glad you are enjoying this Mod

  10. I don't have 18.2 stable available in the betas on my stream account. 17.4, 18.0, 18.1 but no 18.2. How does this affect playing RH? It won't even load me to the home screen currently.


    Opt out of Beta

  11. If one has a working a17 version of Ravenhearst (got one working yesterday) can you just download the a18? Or will you need to get rid of a17 first?


    As long as it is in a seperate folder you can. Just launch the game from within that folder.

  12. I uninstalled the mod launcher and ravenhurst and re installed it after being in alpha 18 (tried after changing version back to alpha 17) and I get a weird error that states "could not read XML file ravenhurst". Is there a way around this bug or do I just have to wait for alpha 18 Ravenhearst to drop?


    You have to wait for RH 6 to be released. RH 5 only works with A17.


    And ALWAYS use a clean, never played Vanilla game for modding.

  13. That is assuming we're going to be harsh and stupid. Right now you can nose dive your gyro to the roof top of shamway and grab all the loot. Bust out two railings and launch off of there and get all that loot for 0 player risk, maybe 30 damage to your gyro. This system solves that, smashing into metal going full speed should give your vehicle a critical injury. Driving over a few things at 100 heath? No, minor damage. You will need probably several heavy impacts to get a critical injury on a player or vehicle, so we'll be fair about it, and yes it will be interesting.


    People who want to lug around all those parts can, but it should be perfectly safe to drive on roads with caution. Unless we change things, just keep a spare vehicle in your pocket, that takes less slots that car parts.


    Maybe adding a mod for a carrying a bicycle (and minibike too? As it is nerved so much that I don't even bother crafting it anymore) on the 4x4 truck? This would also improve the 4x4 truck compared to the motorbike. I never use the 4x4 as the motorbike is superior overall.


    Would be really nice once vehicles can't be picked up (which I hope will be the case in the future)

  14. I write ' lockpick' in search bar workbench and nothing...


    In the previous version (5.4) can make lockpick at the personal workbench after reaching level 2 perk 'Lockpicking'.


    In version 5.5.3 are some things alpha 18 vanilla. May be lockpick can make after reach level 5 perk 'lockpicking' similar to "Great Heist' alpha 18 ?


    Not before A18 becomes stable.


    - - - Updated - - -


    Gonna have to ask as well; vanilla 7D2D has always been pretty ''meh'' but we absolutely loved Ravenhearst. With A18 being out, should we expect a new version of the mod for it? Because if this is still being worked on, we're 100% going to wait for the mod to update before we dive in again :)


    Sorry, forgot. In 5.5.3 it has changed to loot only

  15. Again there is a question.

    Previously, for crafting lockpick, need to buy a 2 level perk 'lockpicking'. At the moment I bought this level, but I can’t craft the lockpick.

    Need buy all 5 levels of perk 'Lockpicking' ?


    You can't make it in your backpack or personal workbench (I think), workbench should do it

  16. There's already a nest of eggs. But I can't install it. It is not clear where it state.


    You need to put a 3x3 animal bedding down, upgrade it with a pitchfork and put the egg on it.

  17. I have Blue Fang and they installed version 552, I told them about the issue and they did a fresh install..........still had the issue. Now I've had them go ahead and install 553, but I don't see it on the mod launcher so I'm not sure how to install it on my side...........do I just download it and put it in the 7 Days mod folder? Sorry I'm a noob with some if this stuff.


    It is the 5.5.3, only the download folder name hasn't changed


    you can check ingame by pressing ESC which version you're on

  18. Hello,


    Can anyone explain to me how electric elevators work? I mean the 3x3 elevator, 4x4 elevator, etc.


    I have watched on YouTube, but the videos I have seen are from other versions and do not look like elevators, so they have not helped me much


    The elevators are not optimal working, It are mods from others. Get to our discord channel for help and more info.



    I am having an issue with various textures after installing this mod. Some texture are very low resolution, like the door and bags in the pic below. Texture quality is set to Full, changing to low then back to full didn't fix it. The textures load fine Un-Modded.


    Turn off texture streaming

  19. Tried searching and couldn't find specific answer. I'm confused about fossils. The journal talks about getting them during a digging quest (which I haven't seen yet) and I acquired one when breaking the large piles of rocks with a steel pickaxe. I still need 5 for the crafting diary/journal quest, but have not been able to figure out where to get the fossils.


    Fossils you get random from mining rock. Don't worry about getting them, you'll need another 20 for the next step in the quest ;) (and yes that quest was removed but text not, sorry)


    Hi, everyone!

    Ravenhearst 5.4

    I gather weapon workbench schematic. Read this. Gather resourсes for craft but can't doing weapon workbench: write #YOU DON"T HAVE THE NECESSARY RESOURCES TO CRAFT THIS# Is it bug ?

    And and one more question: where gather compressor for craft auto workbench ?

    There is a next page on the recipe, on the right you see a small arrow


    Compressors are loot, try looting garages and gas stations

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