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  1. Hello sphere, how are mods added to the default list?
  2. can someone explain what exactly the compo pack does? Like, the first page mentions changes to blocks and PoIs, I assume it adds new stuff but what about the RWG mixer.. is it just to add the new buildings or does it make overall generation better? Also googling for it I found a very old topic on reddit that it was server side only, but now it seems to require clients to download it. Do we have a version that's only with improvements for RWG or PoIs using existing blocks? thanks
  3. Allocs, I'm not sure if I get this right but with the map being pregenerated now is it possible to reveal the entire webmap through a command? Edit: nevermind, learned the magic of visitmap
  4. hey just came to say this is an amazing topic! Thank you for the help!
  5. Jax, are there any restrictions on working on a "mod of this mod" for my server? I want to keep it clear: - I would just make xml changes on top of ravenhearst - credits would be given upon starting the game - I wouldn't distribute it anywhere, only use in my own server is it ok?
  6. Hey, thanks again! No errors on the launcher. I'm trying to join a server, the servers with lower ping (the ones I intended to play) all show this error of the butterflies block. Trying to play SP or to join that specific server with 4.2 on it's name works, hence why I thought this block was from a different version. EDIT: and yeah, I installed it on a copy. I've played other mods before, somewhat used to it (doesn't mean I'm free from making mistakes, obviously) EDIT 09/august: a screenshot of my issue https://i.imgur.com/awSZRHZ.png
  7. thanks for ur answer unfortunately I already installed the vanilla from zero (I bought an SSD so clean install), tried installing 3 versions from the mod launcher: - RH 41 7 day horde edition - RH 4 7 day horde edition - RH 4 21 day horde streamer edition none of these worked. Tried copying my steam 7dtd folder and manually installying the copy from this post, same problem. As I said I searched for a server with the 4.2 version in the name and that specifically worked, but the servers listed with lower ping all show the same problem. There's a guy in the other page reporting the same error.. EDIT: typo EDIT2: A thing I noticed is that the 4.1 versions on the launcher say 4.2 in their descriptions. All of them also are said to be for single player, is this normal?
  8. Guys, I'm trying to play Ravenhearst for the first time and I'm getting the same error in every server I try to enter: an exception about not finding the block butterflies_01. I tried 3 servers already and downloaded pretty much all the versions available in the launcher. Went for a clean install, didn't help. My last try was by manually downloading the 4.2 version here and got to the same problem. Does anyone happen to know wth is this block? I thought it could be from an older version and maybe servers didn't update? Creating a server on my own works btw. Thanks EDIT: Nevermind, guess I answered my own question. Was looking for a server that had the info it was 4.2 and now could test it, worked. Would LOVE a tip on which version has that butterflies_01 block tho, because the nearby servers give me that problem.
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