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  1. @Roland Now i'm scared of posting my Perk Rework haha. Just kidding, though it's going to be a long-*ss read.
  2. I don't usually do this out of the fear of getting my ideas and drawings stolen, but I got the concept art published on my page anyways so enjoy! This is one of my concepts for a possible zombie in 7 days to die. As far as i can tell, the lore is ambiguous so there's plenty to work with. The game lacks unique zombies (with the exception of the cop and spider zombie, we don't talk about the demolisher) with specific ways to kill them, so i decided to create a more peculiar zombie to give the player a bit more trouble. The Rioter is supposed to be a front line zombie, not exactly a tank, but more like a bruiser (essentially a fighter/tank jack of 2 trades type of guy) to destroy the player's base, and bring the player's attention to him, making him sort of a mini boss. All of this, without being to extravagant or too fantasy-like. Lore-wise it developed hard chitin on his body (major muscle areas like the chest) through infections, mutations and previous drug usage on it's body and like the rest of the 7 days to die zombies, he is aggressive as f*ck and not necessarily stupid. Reckless in combat damaging everything in it's path with minimal care while having some special attacks to pull the player into an intense fight scenario. It's most unique feature is the chitin that protects the more meaningful parts of it's body, that when destroyed, open up big windows to deal good amounts of damage to it. Until then, keep shooting him with heavy firepower and watch that chitin drop. Implementation wise, since the game already has the typical 5 limb + torso damage multipliers, the chitin is essentially another entity that protects the actual zombie, not exactly something that strays too far from what the zombies currently have. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Detailed Entry ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rioter - Bruiser Zombie/MiniBoss/BaseWrecker [Base Stats] Health: 1500 Speed: Walks faster than the player because it's size (player forced to sprint in short distances) Height: 2,5 Blocks tall (player is roughly 2) Damage: 40 per hit Block Damage: 200 per hit Delay per attack: 0,8s Night Behaviour: Same as day Blood Moon: Runs (Doesn't sprint) [Spawning] - Wasteland biome only, with the exception of the medical facility test chambers - Starts spawning in bloodmoons after day 21 (max 2-3) - Maximum of 5 can spawn in a bloodmoon beyond day 35 - 1-2 minutes between spawns [Core mechanic] - Full chitin armor on the body - Can only be damaged if the particular chitin has been destroyed - Unbalanced main arm (right arm) [Chitin Health] Head: 200 Chest: 500 Back: 300 [Limb Health] Right Arm: 350 (not chitinous, only damageable by explosions/ 7.62 AP/ shotgun shells) Left Arm: 200 (not chitinous, 300 each) Legs: 300 (not chitinous, 300 each) [Damage Multipliers] (after chitin is broken) Head multiplier: 2x dmg Chest multiplier: 1.5x dmg Back multiplier: 2x dmg Limbs: 1x dmg [Combat] - Large right arm (deals 75dmg instead of 50), slower attack - 20% chance to do a swipe attack with his right hand and cripple the player's limbs, as well as launching the player backwards 3-5 blocks - 30% chance to slam his hand downwards, hitting the floor if it misses (deals 80 dmg to the player and 400 to the blocks in a 3x3 radius, decays) Concept art below: Feel free to write down any feedback on the design (although it's a rough sketch, the design is pretty much finished) and/or balancing of the zombie. And if you would like to see this in-game, share it and get the developers attention!
  3. Haha no, i just haven't reported that bug because it's honestly hilarious and very situational. This document does include 1958 words currently, and i'm still at the pummel pete perk of strength (perception has been dealt with)
  4. Hey Joel! I'm currently writting down a game design document about the feedback of the perk system and my view of some perk tree tweaks and additions, would you be willing to take a look once i'm done with it?
  5. Nope, not trolling, just grab a pipebomb, light it up and run up against the zombies, you become death itself.
  6. You don't need to throw explosives, you can explode them in your hand and it wont damage you
  7. Also i have a question, where can I write down some feedback on alpha 19? Is it here? Or is there going to be a tab for when it eventually goes out of experimental? I got some notepads waiting to be unchained.
  8. I believe you mean the A17 all in one spot mode, because A16 was the peak of bloodmoon interaction. Yes they did come from only one general direction, but they always tried to go through open entrances (1 gate compound base with scrapyard PoI as base, the most fun i've ever had in bloodmoons) and never focused on just 1 block, in the end, your traps worked and you could predict their movement (duh, you're a human, they're zombies). In alpha 17 i tried the same strategy (because i love making realistic bases to fight off zombies) this time with 2 gates instead of one, i used that one military poi with the garage and 2 buildings as the base. In the end, as soon as 1 concrete block got weaker than the rest, they all targeted THE SAME 2 blocks, which made everything i put around the base completely useless. A17 new AI definitely ruined bloodmoons for me, and A19 is still the same to be honest, that's why people make stupid @%$*#! unrealistic bloodmoon slaughterhouses instead of proper bases, it's the only reliable way to defend a place. The second being on the rooftop of a random PoI, breaking any connection to there and waiting the bloodmoon out...
  9. From a player and analyst perspective. Here's a few ideas that would make the game feel more fair. Weapons and perks: - Either i'm unlucky or the COMPOUND CROSSBOW should be stronger than the IRON CROSSBOW - The STAMINA REGEN PERK perk should be in the AGILITY skill tree - SUBMACHINE GUNS should scale off AGILITY as NEW PERK - Leg dismemberments should occur more often with machete power attacks or fire axes. - DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN should have a longer barrel by default - We need a faster sprint speed or movement speed perk. AI and Zombies: - Gamestage when playing with 2 other players is incredibly unbalanced, most of the zombies are radiated by day 7. - Radiated zombies should have an indicator if they are healing or have their healing stopped. - Radiated zombies should either have more health or regen health, not both. (Considering how many come) - Demolishers normal attacks deal way too much block damage, either nerf the damage or their armor. UI,Pacing and mechanics: - The crafting times are too long considering the new gamestage (at least for multiplayer), it's unrewarding until you have all the items and time you need. They need to be faster (things like concrete, ammo and electric stuff). - Considering it's basically a tower defense game, you should be able (like in A17) to pick back up YOUR electrical components. - You should be able to rewire already existing lights. Thanks for reading, if I see more stuff that need balancing as I play "I'll be back". Also please fix the double barrel shotgun and mp5 reload animations (they dont actual visually load anything).
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