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  1. I don't play with mods either, and the drone still seems underwhelming. While the sledge turret did get improvements, let's not forget it's a turret made for home defense, not really a weapon to carry around (using it like that is really just for the memes).


     The drone strikes me as the third weapon type in the intelligence arsenal (baton, turrets and drone), much like in perception is explosions, javelins and rifles, and because of that I would really like to see it having more impact than what I've gathered so far. You either add it with an intent or don't. It seems that so far TFP has stayed true to their A17 re-route of the game's balancing and have made all their additions have a purpose (weapons finally having their playstyle purpose/related skills and feel imposing). I hope the drone sticks to the same formula and doesn't feel off or useless. That's just all.


    But only time will tell...

  2. On 6/28/2021 at 3:52 AM, Roland said:


    I tested the drone a bit today and can answer some of these without stealing the thunder of any future dev stream.


    1) It follows you around and increases your storage. For those who already mod their storage to huge capacity, the drone will seem underwhelming and unnecessary. However, for those who play it straight the drone will be a nice bonus backpack.


    2) You can build multiple drones and pass them out to friends and family.


    3) Only one will follow you. When trying to place another I was informed that I was at the capacity of drones following. I maxed everything out and read all the tech books and still only one was allowable.


    4) Extra storage in its basic unmodded version


    5) As of now there is no option to recharge or refuel.


    6) They ignore it and it generally hovers out of their reach anyway.


    7) The drone does have mods. How many and which mods will surely be the subject of a future dev stream.


    8. There is not a built in camera nor any switching perspectives or taking over the controls of the drone and flying around viewing the world from its perspective. Whether a mod camera will allow that functionality in the future is unknown.


    Bonus: The drone paths extremely well. I used Godmode to quickly move through a building to a room somewhere in its interior and the drone flew around finding its way through the building to get to me. If it got blocked because a closed door was between us then it flew around in circles seemingly agitated like a puppy separated from its beloved master. It always stays behind you and never once got in the way when shooting enemies. I would say that your expectation for it should be that it is a bonus backpack which--again-- if people have been spoiling themselves for years by modding for themselves huge backpacks then the drone won't seem very spectacular. Of course there are mods for the drone and those mods turn it into a backpack with benefits. But those benefits will be shown at a later date.





    So the drone is a flying backpack by default, shouldn't the storage actually be a mod while his default behaviour would be to help you in a fight? Is the shock hit on the zombies discarded? Let's just hope it's not too expensive to craft then, because the drone really just sounds more like a gimmick than a useful craft (unlike the junk turrets).

  3. I heard that something was being done about the looks on the dismemberment. 


    Besides that, is there going to be a VFX rework (not necessarily just blood)? or the addition to blood splatter decals?

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  4. 5 minutes ago, meganoth said:


    What should that list tell me?


    List should tell you that there would be options to increase the difficulty, as zombies aren't just "zombies", they got 2 different variants that could serve different purposes when destroying the base, or could be tiered direct upgrades to the zombies themselves. Meaning, having a full concrete/steel base wouldn't make the game trivial (which wouldn't anyways).


    14 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    Then why is it neccessary to nerf basic zombies? Just shoot them before they destroy your base.


    Why do you see it as a nerf? They continue to have the same impact early on, and only have a harder time destroying harder blocks, which would make sense, as you are actively trying to find better ways to make the zombies more ineffective towards your base. Also, you are bound to have blind angles on your base or have the zombies separated into 2 groups if you have an actual square fortress/wall, so shooting them isn't always constant action.



    14 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    Lets look at it from a different viewpoint: Even in later stages you have a mix of all zombies. If you make half of them ineffective what is their use? Why not remove them completely then if they pose no danger?


    I don't see where you show what would be gained if those weak zombies were even weaker.


    Wait, so by that logic, you should always have enemies that scale with you in order to give them a use. Doesn't that kind of ruin the point of progression? You never really notice the difference in that case, as there would be nothing to compare yourself to. One could argue they could be removed near the true endgame, but...that already happens mate, they are replaced with radiated versions. After (old) gamestage 300 (correct me if im wrong), 90%+ the zombies you are facing are radiated.


    And commons aren't weak, they would become weak as a sign of your efforts. Must admit, my opinion here is totally biased because of my experience ever since the A17 pathfinding update. Zombies focus on the block with the lowest health and breach through concrete walls like butter, so much for using and upgrading military bases with concrete walls around them. Worst part? We literally had 2 open gates in front of the base, set with traps, and they ignored the open entrances to destroy 2 previously damaged concrete blocks.


    So I still believe concrete (not even gonna mention steel) should be that impenetrable block against a small horde of trash zombies (unlike lesser blocks), and a "normal" block for actual base buster zombies. Reminding the problem here is the late game, how they still deal too much damage to concrete, screwing with damage values for the zombie itself, means it alters it's interaction with ALL blocks, not specific tiers, hence the damage reduction based on tier. Giving specific zombies the ability to consistently deal 40, while weaker zombies have a falloff, means they will always be VIP targets, and at the same time, you realize your base becomes stronger against hordes. Not just *this upgrade adds about 5 extra seconds of survival time to the block against X recurring scenario because it's health increases*. There are many more variables that make damage interesting, right now, 2-1=1 is the most basic and most boring of them all.

  5. 21 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    Result would be that in later horde nights basic zombies could be practically ignored as they would do almost no damage to your structures. This simple strategy would be very effective then: Kill only higher level zombies and let the basic zombies alive.

    Radiated zombies? Ferals? Game stage integration with the damage dealt? And even so, isn't that the point of using up all your resources and hours of work to make a fortress to hold off a horde? It's not like you'll stay there scratching your b*lls and not shoot them, you know damn well players would still want to play normally.

     And getting a full concrete base takes time, I play with 2 other friends and we only get a stable concrete income by day 30 (90m days), and that is because we specialize in 3 major categories. I really can't imagine a single guy going through all the hassle to stabilize his base in full concrete, only to have 2 of it's blocks destroyed and become a free real estate for the horde.


    Besides, that's an existing thing with automated slaughterhouses anyways...it's not like cheese strats don't already exist  (except these cost less and actually exploit pathfinding).

  6. 2 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    With the breakdown system being removed and therefore steel (presumably) getting a huge nerf to its overall health, players will be increasingly drawn to using hatch hallways, or steel hatches as walls themselves. Again I bring up the suggestion that zombies should have a 6x damage multiplier to all doors and hatches.

    Damage is good as is in my opinion, however , i believe all objects in the game should have keyword labels (if they don't already) to determine % damage reduction with fists (weak), mid and high tier damaging weapon/entity. Concrete should have significant damage reduction against weaker things, currently it is completely overwhelmed by anything more than 5 zombies attacking it. I'm all for strength in numbers, but not when zombies are strong on their own.

    Wood/Cloth  0% damage reduction (current)
    Iron -25% damage
    Cobble -40% damage
    Concrete -60% damage
    Steel -80% damage

    Bonus health is good against a single opponent, but damage reduction would be good for normal zombie hordes and long term stability.
    And then you have bruisers and the demolishers that would ignore the damage reduction, making the extra block health do its part.

    Currently the only thing (at least from what I could tell) that differentiates a concrete block from a wooden block, is the extra hit points.

  7. On 3/23/2021 at 2:47 AM, madmole said:

    Pay the price of upgrading from frames to wood to stone to concrete if you aren't confident in what you are building. You can always build it in frames then remove the frame and place the concrete block where it was.

    That's very unintuitive for endgame. Wasn't the whole point of having those frames to setup the layout, upgrade it while skipping early game steps without manually switching a placeholder block? Rebar frames could stay, I really can't see how their existence is a problem, just have them upgrade into the (new) concrete or cobblestone. 

    And I still feel like concrete should be a thing on it's own (cobblestone path), those old metal upgrades from wood always felt gritty and satisfying.


    While I agree about the no downgrade to a certain extent, that has always been the logic behind the "reinforced" block types, you're just adding more layers, (wood to metal mostly, and their extra upgrade within their tier) which makes sense and feels rewarding watching them get broken down into what they were (means they served the purpose).

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  8. 3 minutes ago, jorbascrumps said:

    Way too ambitious, imo. Quest tiers will likely only increase building size and number of generators to repair.

    We already have an implemented electrical system, all they gotta do is spawn it in a PoI, and allow the player to interact with it. As for the fuse boxes, it would be like the switch, but with a new model and animation.


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  9. @madmole Considering the new generator quest, wouldn't it also be a good time to revise and improve the existing quests? Visuals and lore-wise giving them descriptions that you would find in those random readable quests, as if people left bounties on the traders. Game design-wise make them more intricate and have an even heavier RNG influence. 


    - Clear Zombies ---> Infestation


    - Fetch -----> (Person) needs (amount) (item)   [RNG]

    They would have specific PoI's and items to collect in normal containers (for example, collecting grades of beer, gas, ammo, break into a safe)

    It's rather boring finding the same "Riverwood supplies" hidden in the same place


    - Fetch/Clear ---> Recovery

    Clear an area, and if possible, have an open area mini event spawn (like a spawned camp/vehicle), and recover what a courier had failed to deliver, because he got swarmed. 


    - Buried Treasure ---> Same

    Nothing to add.


    - [NEW] Heist 

    Pretty self explanatory, break into a safe, steal, would be a cool addition once bandit structures/houses are added.


    And as for the new generator quest, it seems like a really nice addition, and I hope different tiers add different electrical puzzles that the player needs to solve (activate a button, connect wires, interact with fuse boxes similar to far cry towers)


    The PoI reworks and new gen quests are giving me Dead Island nostalgia, especially the gas stations and garages. I would love to see environmental traps in the future, like electrified water/fences, gas leaks and other puzzles.



    Any thoughts people?



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  10. 6 hours ago, zWolfer said:

    You wanna use the realism to explain the stripper, cheerleader ... ok. But then when it comes to black zombies you wanna use the argument of a fantasy game? When it comes to add a black zombie there is "no need because its a fantasy game", but when it comes to explain why female are weak or sexualized "this is them in real life".. So you use fantasy when you want and realism when you want, this is

    pure hypocrisy

    Read everything again, but slowly. Don't get your blood boiling, you might not handle yourself. 


    Fantasy as in, anything can be in this, it doesn't NEED to follow or have something based on real life, but if it does try to represent something real (in this case the name's of the freaking entities describe what they are suppose to be) it makes sense they do it based on what THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. 


    And no, they are not weak, or oversexualized, as I explained before. But if they were, I wouldn't get in the way, because as i said, it's fantasy, you absolute tunnel vision social justice warrior. Find another house to bark at.

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  11. 15 minutes ago, zWolfer said:

    So this is the "black" zombie you are talking about? you really think he is "black".. aham... now i know why you dont wanna see black zombies in this game..

    All zombies in this game have skin, no one has a black skin.

    If its just a game with zombies, why do you care if there is black zombies or stronger females? what your problem with them? You dont wanna see them? ok your opinion, but you cant tell that there is black zombies or strong females. Feral and soldiers are MAN. You cant see the different between grey, yellow and black, now you cant see the different between genders? omg


    Why are politics always trying to find their way inside a f*cking fantasy videogame?


    They are zombies, f*cking zombies, the only thing that i care about them is their uniqueness to gameplay, i couldnt give two sh*ts about the background of a zombie im going to get rid of in 2 seconds. And besides that, I already know that a lot of people (probably like yourself) will start calling out players for mentioning the zombies as "the black zombie" (in case he has a special ability or combat difference),  or the more deranged will start complaining about players killing minorities in the game...


    Also, oversexualized? Fat mamma? Darlene? Lab worker? Arlene?


    If you're talking about the nurse, it's your typical "sexy nurse", monster or not, like the nurse from Silent Hill or certain movies. It's like having a fat suicider zombie in a zombie game. They're so engraved into movies/games that it's hard to get em out.


    The cheerleader is pretty normal to be honest, and is supposed to be the typical american high school girl probably.


    The reworked model of the stripper, is pretty self-explanatory, it's not oversexualized, it's literally what it is.


    But if you really want "realism" in a zombie game, then every zombie should turn into a fatless husk with possibly their intestines out, pale skin, wrinkles, bad teeth, eventually no nose, oh and full of their own literal sh*t. So f*cked up, that you wouldn't be able to tell gender, physique or race.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Reckis said:

    Nope, just another overly squeaky wheel to add to the ignore pile

    It's rather amusing reading these replies, as you obviously have no idea what I've talked about previously, or what i've contributed in the forums. Whenever someone says amen, it's all good, the moment someone presents criticism and seems unhappy with a certain decision it's overly squeaky? You haven't even started an argument and you're already losing it by trying to insult me. Keep going with that mentality, i wonder what results you'll get.

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  13. 7 hours ago, Laz Man said:

    So...is there anything about the new update that you do like or do you like to just focus on the negative (for you)? 😅

    I guess we are dodging the topic here. I don't want to praise any work for the bare minimum (and in fact I already said I what to say for this update multiple times), so I prefer to focus on points needed to improve.


    Physics on anything of small scale (ex: not flags or capes) is completely useless and a waste of resources. And I was simply pointing out that out of the many things the game needs desperate improvement in (player swim mechanic since zombies have it, proper VFX for hit feedback or improved dismemberment visuals, and hey I guess with limb physics when detached), we get bouncing tiddies.


    But nah let's keep playing defensive, dodge and avoid criticism. Praise everything they give us, because it's surely a blessing seeing that juicy discord tag.


    Bring the poop reactions and call me a hater all you want, just have some arguments at least.


    7 hours ago, SnowDog1942 said:

    Some of us real men like breast jiggle physics.  Give it a few years and chest hairs.  You may learn to love it.

    I never said I didn't like it, though I prefer the real thing.

  14. 28 minutes ago, Laz Man said:

    There are 2 Malls out there that are popular.  HN's No Hope Mall by Hernan and Eden Center Mall by CaptainWhiskerBiscuits and MentalNinja.

    Oh wow, they revealed the new stripper zombie on the steam store page.  Looking good!



    Yeah, but even though they WILL add it. It's false advertisement at its current state, I actually got hyped for nothing (thinking they added more stuff in 19.0 after b180, but didn't show in the patch notes).

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  15. 4 hours ago, Jost Amman said:

    And I see you're absolutely ok with stealth being partially broken.

    But I'm sure everything will be fixed in time... I just don't understand why everyone is denying or belittling problems and partially broken systems.

    If anything should go into A19.1/2 should be these kind of fixes IMO.


    I mean, it's alpha, as Madmole said you still need to wrap up some of the main systems, so there's no shame to admit that some of them can still have bugs and/or broken parts that are evident while playing. But I feel like I'm beating an undead horse so I'll stop here.

    Stealth? Broken? Mate i think you are thinking of a different game. I mostly go for agility tree when I play this game and let me tell you, unless you freaking max rank the stealth perk, zombies will still be alerted out of nowhere. Even without perks sometimes you can stand in front of a sitting sleeper and he won't notice you.


    Stealth damage is a different story, but then again, mention any game with a stealth damage mechanic that isn't "broken".


    If anything, the most broken thing about an agility build is the deep cuts perk + fury of blows, that @%$*#! is super consistent. And perhaps run and gun.

  16. I chose "Other Reaction".


    So I, in general, "like" the new progression system as it does in fact extend the game's length. However, it was never about JUST finding better loot, the game kept you playing because you wanted to upgraded your base to it's maximum potential and see it hold off the hardest hordes with ease, this new loot change just shifts the perspective into making you focus on your gear alone, rather than your home defense or construction (this also ties into perks but I'm not falling into that hole again).



    These are the stuff I have been thinking since I first played the experimental:



    - Primitive items should be found in survivor caches/stashes, instead of having crates on top of PoI's as "Dungeon Reward", how about, depending on the PoI you actually just have a mini survivor camp where he left some of his stuff? Like some PoI's have the chair and reinforced chest on the roof(food ones for example).


    - How about having these survivor stashes (also add new lootable blocks mind you) not JUST as dungeon reward, since primitive weapons are not the best either, you are just trying to find (in madmole's words) "something better than what you have". TL:DR Low tier rewards with low tier effort.


    - Have a RNG system inside the PoI for a specfic set of blocks, for example, in shotgun messiah normal stores, where there's a bunch of crates on top of shelves and a ton more in the back. How about those blocks, get changed whenever the PoI spawns or is refreshed? (Switches between: Full crate, cracked crate, no crate, something else). It would also make up for more interesting replayability.


    - Following the previous suggestion, this way, you wouldn't need to severely reduce the chances of getting an actual weapon or iron tool, because that change would already be apparent as soon as you look at the block (meaning, you could be clearing out a PoI, for a bunch of open crates, it leads up to a similar result, but this way the player doesn't feel cheated on). It also should mean that if you see a pristine crate, it SHOULD contain, at the very least, 1 weapon + (mods, ammo, both, another gun), and later on much more and much rarer stuff.


    - And also, for the love of god, actually remove the goddamn special chests and crates (even in late game's rewards) from food PoI's and stuff like that. I'm not looting a freaking fast food restaurant for a shotgun, it makes no sense.


    - The big reinforced military chest should not contain bad stuff, period, it should always be the most reliable source of a BIG REWARD, but obviously should be more well guarded. Some of these problems will get fixed with the additions of bosses and special infected, i'm sure of it.





    It's going in the right direction, but there is more the devs could have done already to make the looting much more interesting until the great A20 additions that will also improve the loot balance. Some of the major problems that were fixed by nerfing the loot, should have been fixed by making it harder to get instead or spreading it out.


    My suggestions are take it or leave it honestly, i'm not here to get into more pointless arguments. The devs obviously have their own vision of the game, and I'm just another guy writing on the forum. Meanwhile I'll be waiting for the next updates and a modding kit.


    I apologize for any grammar mistakes that may occur.



  17. 7 minutes ago, Adam the Waster said:




    hey that sounds familiar... Hmmmm it reminds me of a guy @RhinoW i heard off that drew something like that..... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



    Haha, well it ain't exactly the newest Tesla =P

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  18. 52 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    But you did make unnecessary references to the real word in your first post. I just followed suit. I count the word "realistic" 3 times in that first post of yours. But ok, lets assume that was a mistake (even though you use it again in this post to defend your A16 design) and you just were equating A16 with realism, since it seems emulating A16 is what you really want, right?


    What you claim is that A16 is a sort of standard that the game has to keep. Because some design in A16 worked it has to work now too? Hey what about a design that worked in A12? Does that need to work in A19 as well?

    Generally nearly everything worked in A16, because A16 was trivially easy, a pole you sat upon made in 2 minutes was already enough for the first hordes.


    PS: I build a base later in A17, (after some AI bug fixes and balances) with catwalks that worked, with two block thick walls that actually held them off and led them to an open corridor. I can show you very different base designs I all made in A17, all worked. And sometimes I made a mistake I had to fix for the next horde night and that worked as well.

    PPS: I build a base for the first two horde nights out of a derelict wood shack in A19 and it held up admirably. In SP I always use POIs I adapt slowly to my end-game horde base because it adds variety to my designs.


    I used the world realistic to separate the base designs in cause from the slaughterhouses players build, I believe that was fairly obvious. As in, something that someone could live in (not necessarily real life) and have permanent entrances, not entrances that you get to by placing down 2 frames and removing them, but anyways.


    Well, my first base in A19 was made from the destroyed house PoI with the water filled basement (has an ammunition box inside the water) and was holding up pretty well, until zombies "found" a weakness (literally the same blocks throughout the whole house, but these were slightly damaged) in the opposing side where they were originally coming from, and their hive mind AI simply sent them into attacking those 2 single blocks. 


    And no, not everything has to work, but practical things that look good and are built to protect, should continue to be viable strategies. The example you said "pole sat on", is one of the things that in fact YOU SHOULD remove...Oh and i did have working designs on A17 and A18, otherwise I probably wouldn't be playing the game. The point here is not to see what works, but to ask yourself why don't the others work, when they obviously should? I'm not putting in cause the bases that work, that has never been my point, I merely questioned why do they keep working, but the others don't.


    Oh and when you have double walls, triple, quadruple, you really SHOULD have it working. But as for someone who is putting concrete walls simply to direct them to the BIG *SS open entrance and mitigate focused damage, it's kinda frustrating when they prefer to break 2 blocks instead of going through an open area with traps (yes, zombies don't know what traps are) or each attack different spots at the same time.


    But hey, each to their own, i'll make my own final judgments when the game finally comes out.

  19. 14 minutes ago, meganoth said:


    So what, REAL castles where build with thick walls and the understanding that attackers would definitely target the weakest spot on their walls. And attackers focused on it. And they were built so the defenders could shoot on the attackers while they were focusing their attention on getting the wall breached. Oh look, that is just what works perfectly in this game too. You are perfectly fine with such a castle, definitely on default difficulty. And like reality, if the archers don't do their job, the attackers might actually breach the wall and enter the castle.



    Once you learn the zombies AI you can go up the difficulty and build bases that withstand a lot harder zombies or more than 8 zombies per player. You build funnels and trap-filled bridges to your castle (strategies that were used by real-world castles too) and survive those as well. You are then playing on a higher difficulty, it should go without saying that you have learned something about the zombies now and can build more efficient structures.


    Yes, there are a few base designs that were invulnerable before (unlike reality) and are less effective and more difficult to implement now (unlike reality) but I don't see a way around that. (Talking about bunkers here, any other examples?)



    I can still how you my previous alpha bases, including THE A16 base, that was built on the scrapyard PoI and I turned it into a freaking last stand base, with catwalks, double thick walls (plates on the inside), spot lights, realistically placed traps, turrets and not a single place that was inaccessible to the player unless I had the drawbridge up (like real life). What had worked on A16 (having an open gate letting them through for the traps to take care of them, having some rogue ones being taken care of by the spikes and my friend also walking around the catwalks, yadda yadda) didn't work in A17, they prefered to break through literally 2 concrete blocks instead of going through a little open corridor (with an iron door, that has much less health than a freaking concrete t2 block) which made my base literally useless, and we just had to kite them along the catwalks because we got out swarmed through 1 little spot.


    Oh and invulnerable? Like the funnels and unrealistic killing houses with 1 way entrances that players have built and still work now, the funny pole wall protection that let's you melee them? My "invulnerable"  and realistic A16 base, took 70 90minute days to freaking build , terraforming, gather materials with my friend and still wasn't perfect/finished. If by that point i can't get rewarded with a proper defense, then the game has failed one of the main principles of game design. Not luckily, it was the most fun i've had in bloodmoons and I was always eager for the next. Oh, and I didn't build it from scratch, as I said, it was built/upgraded on a PoI, let that sink in for your "invulnerability is bad" standard.


    Also, did you really just compare zombies to military strategists and soldiers, with trebuchets,  catapults, oil based flammable projectiles, and other gate/wall breaching war weapons? Are you serious? They obviously had the cognitive capability and experience to know, even before the wall got damaged, where they would hit...


    You see, I avoid making unnecessary comparisons with the real world, but, with all due respect, do you really want me to play the same game? I can start talking about real-life parkour, how flesh works, how armor works, how zombies should die easily and not be able to do jack @%$*#! against iron armor, how swat soldiers don't carry c4's on their chests, how concrete walls would never be smashed by fists (unless it's a giant), how having a working, upgraded and solid vehicle like the truck would make you king of the apocalypse. Oh and how it's unrealistic that you build a literally concrete house on your own, with metal bars and all the fancy stuff. You can pull these pretty easily out of your back pocket.

  20. On 8/13/2020 at 3:46 PM, AtomicUs5000 said:

    I really want to get to the heart of what you are saying here, but most of this is either just untrue or highly exaggerated to the point I can't see it.
    I do play this game, as so do obviously everyone else here... and this is simply not the case.
    What I do get is you have the same concerns as I do, but blowing things out of proportion isn't going to help others see eye to eye on those concerns. 

    No, it's not untrue mate, i'm not exaggerating. I don't use hyperboles unless I know what I am talking about. 


    Making a wall around your base means you have an extra chance per block, that they will choose another block. But in the end, whenever a block takes 10% damage or has a bit less health than another. All of the zombies will focus on it, so yeah you can spam repair it, but that's not really the point of making fortress walls now is it?


    Keeping true to a PoI's design and making it efficient is one hell of a fun task, but you literally have to think about how the AI pathing works (so new players are completely out of the equation) so you know exactly what path they will take, and that has only work so far in my A18 base (after A17 AI update)  on the elementary school base....because I literally had no block (besides spikes and blade traps bla bla) on the front entrance, and in the end, the base worked like a tower defense game, where I had multiple base defense stages inside (and yeah it was hella fun, until demolishers started appearing), but this is only because I knew how the pathing worked, a newer player will have a hard time if he goes by common sense.


    Your best common sense is still staying on top of a building and waiting, getting on top of a building and shooting them down through your "floor" iron bars, or hoping on unrealistic killing houses that exploit the AI (which is not wrong and doesn't affect me, it's just a different playstyle that keeps getting more and more worshipped). 


    My point is, the zombies are getting smarter and smarter, rendering a lot of previously decent bases, useless. And the player character is not even picking up the pace if the players want to play realistically (which forces people to use cheap tactics, bloodmoon "bases"  and those that don't want to use em, get screwed), again, staying on top of the roof is pretty one of the last few realistic and solid choices.


    Oh and zombies now swim faster than you, let that sink in, because they won't anymore.

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  21. 12 minutes ago, RipClaw said:

    If an option had been added every time someone came to the forum and asked for something, the menu would be more confusing than the control panel of the apollo command module.


    Besides, the developers already have enough work to implement what they have planned. If they granted every request for an option, they would never finish this game.

    Wait until the official developer kit of the Fun Pimps is available, then you might be able to build an Anti-Nerdpole mod that works without having to disable EAC.


    That's a bit over the top. Adding a UI button + an event is super easy on Unity and doesn't take more than 2 minutes. I think so far I've only seen people asking for permadeath death option, and me asking for Zombie and Player damage/health scalers. So, 3 options in total, one of them being pretty straight forward to add. And the UI is based on drop down lists with pages, so no where in the world will that ever be confusing.


    Of course,  I agree that there are priorities, but let's not make this seem like such a huge burden.

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  22. 14 minutes ago, AtomicUs5000 said:

    I kinda am worried. Like you, I want all this easy stuff patched up... but I think it still needs to be done carefully or you could end up in a situation where there are very few ways to make and defend a base that is effective throughout the gamestages.
    In other words, I do not want to see all the people making statements like "TFP wants us to play one way, their way, or no way" actually be correct when saying it... because I really hate that line with a passion.

    Making walls around your base has become useless, making anything remotely realistic has become useless (no, putting iron bars as your ground to shoot through isn't realistic), catwalks, improving a PoI and turning into a defended base (which is what i do) has become useless.


    Want a good way to survive any horde? Climb on top of a relatively tall building, and know some passage ways out (for example the triple building with the shotgun messiah as one of them, just knock 2 blocks of the bridge on the roof). I barely survive hordes in my base anymore, i pretty much do quests and loot all day, then work on the base, then realize it's probably not ready (and it isn't) for the bloodmoon, and just "wait" it out in a random unprotected building.


    A16, and I will take this to the grave with me until proven wrong, was the best alpha for bloodmoons.

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  23. 22 minutes ago, madmole said:

    We are just not willing to push new stuff in when large sectors of the game are completely unpolished and need optimized and improved.

    There is character R&D going on right now for new player outfits that replaces UMA. It just *MIGHT* work for bandits too so once players are overhauled then we can decide if bandits are skinned meshes like zombies, or assembled parts via pieces after the new player clothing/armor system is completed we can do some stress tests and see and make the right calls. Then bandits can sort of fall out of the character system instead of a separate effort.

    I think an assembly system (similar to fallout 4's) for the raiders would be the best call in the long run, for more variety and without having to manually manage it. I honestly think the zombies should also get a similar treatment, to make the core game loop a bit more interesting. It becomes boring and rather unimmersive seeing the same zombie 5 times in the same area (considering they are all made to be unique). 

    Has TFP ever considered adding canon fodder zombies? (kinda like we don't care about l4d's commons or killing floor's clots being repeated).

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