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  1. Where do I find the server files. Front of this thread shows Alpha 19.3 servers. Not Alpha 19.4. Thanks for a quick response.
  2. Hi, When will you be upgrading the server files to Alpha 19.4? Excellent mod.
  3. shouldn't the level turn white, once you've hit it?? - - - Updated - - - shouldn't the level turn white, once you've hit it??
  4. Does anyone know how you advance this skill tree?
  5. Hi, I've set up a nitrado server and when I come to load the server I get this error. Can anyone help?
  6. Possible bug. Farming Questline I've just completed the make chicken coop / create a fertile egg. It now asking to either make or obtain a butchers knife, subheading obtain a meat cleaver. There is no design in crafting to make a butchers knife or meat cleaver. However I had found a butchers knife. But this part of the quest in not triggering. Any ideas, or have I missed something.
  7. Hello and welcome. To answer your question about zombies giving different xp. You will find the Zombies that give you lower XP are the ones you can one/two shot them later in the game. The zombies that give high xp takes longer to kill. Just think of zombile levels. Newbies 1 or 2 shots. normal zombies more hits to kill, Veterans (unique hair, cloths they are wearing) and the ferals (hard to kill) there the ones running in the daytime. Hope this helps.
  8. Butcher Table - Level 4 Cooking and made in the farm table. Rustic Smoker same place.
  9. Vehicle Schematics, where are they found? I'm on day 27 and found no vehicle schematics?
  10. Archeology Journal - How do you find the fossils? Do you just dig anywhere and hope for the best? Lockpicking Quest - Got a lockpick and installed a house door 1. I've tried upgrading the door using the hammer, it's saying I need a lockpick. I've got one. Am I missing something?
  11. Increases rarity and quality. I've played several games and I have always found a grill. I know its a pain. Keep at it you will find one. Best places to find grills, I believe are ovens.
  12. You can put SP in Lucky Looter skill increase loot quality by 50pts per level.
  13. Sorted now. They disappear without a water trench. Thanks for helping.
  14. Hi Thiesen90, how have you got Ravenhearst working with Nitrado? Please help. I get the error from Nitrado. The server is 17.2 and the game is 17.1. I've not found a way around the issue yet? These are my steps Copy over Ravenhearst files to Nitrado server (using FileZilla). But the server won't connect and keeps restarting. Thanks
  15. BUG - When planting seeds. You cannot plant then next to each other, or you will delete your plant.
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