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  1. From a realism standpoint, it’s fair to expect the wildlife would have “taken back” areas where there’s food to forage. I welcome the additional wildlife if only for raw meat and hides to make early armor.
  2. Steam: 2ndRecon Hours: 1,970 Started: A15 Discord: 2ndRecon#1337 Native: USA / English / Texas Loads of QA / Dev experience especially with previous Alphas while running dedi's and assisting users getting Mods working.
  3. Having an issue, maybe others are too. After applying the modlets, "Drop on death" is no longer working.. e.g. even when set to DoD = 0 (everything), it doesn't actually drop. I removed all the Delmod modlets and the issue went away. I am adding them back slowly, to see if I can duplicate the issue and report back. I am wondering tho, is it possible that by expanding the backpack inventory, (slots) it somehow is creating an issue with the Dropped_Backpack item which gets spawned when the player dies ? Just a thought, as these are the only things that seem to relate to drop on death. I will try to duplicate and report back. EDIT: Confirmed in 17.3(B18) When applying the pack and store modlet, it breaks drop on death. You don't actually drop items, regardless of what the setting on the server is. Edit 2: Upon inspection I found you're removing the dropcntbackpack from entityclasses. Why is this removed ? Is this conflicting somehow with the placing of the backpack for the bugout bags ? <delmod> <remove xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=playerMale]/property[@name=DropInventoryBlock][@value=cntBackpackDropped]" /> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=playerMale]/property[@name=ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvival]/@value">Bug-Out Bag 1 (Locked),Bug-Out Bag 2 (Locked),keystoneBlock</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=playerMale]/property[@name=ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalSP]/@value">Bug-Out Bag 1 (Locked),Bug-Out Bag 2 (Locked),keystoneBlock</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=playerMale]/property[@name=ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalMP]/@value">Bug-Out Bag 1 (Locked),Bug-Out Bag 2 (Locked),keystoneBlock</set> </delmod>
  4. is it at all possible to mod in the function where harvesting a plant leaves behind a sapling or planted seed in its place ?
  5. I think it would be interesting to have different types of "rain" that would force the player to go put a bucket out and "gather essence" from the realm. If environmental effects like rain can make you wet, I don't see why it couldn't make a bucket "full". Maybe you can only collect certain rare elements during rain on a horde night, or something. It would offer a much riskier playstyle because for specific spell types you'd have no choice but to wander around until it either started raining, or you found a biome with rain / snow.
  6. I like this idea alot. Since the number of Mod slots is dependent on the Quality of the weapon, could we reduce the "active mod slots" of the weapon, once it drops below a certain durability ? So I really like my AK, but once it drops from 5->>>>4, I lose my scope, or my spring, or something.
  7. Gup, I don't have a source because i am the source. It's just an opinion. </sarcasm> <grinz> I made the statement because in the last 15 months of lurking there have been dozens of outrageous comments like "Pimps took the money and ran, and left the backers and buyers holding the bag waiting for another Alpha". My only point is that the time for a cash grab has long since passed. As to my comment about a Gold release, that's not meant to incite or infer "fact". It's hyperbole. Based on my own personal experience in a software dev world, this doesn't look like a product that's 8 sprints away from a final QA. You have a studio that hates giving deadlines and dates due to the community showing up with pitchforks and axes when the date slips. You have a massive refactoring effort for an engine revision that not only altered gameplay but also the MP mechanics, netcode, etc. (in many instances in a very negative way based on initial experimental feedback. Then you have the typical issues that creep into any Dev project like errata, omissions, and crap that works in the QA but not at scale, that is going to most likely mean things that are broken, for some but not all, may be nerfed or removed. So when I say "Gold seems more unlikely" I mean that in the context of "now that we have seen what A17 really "is and isn't" at least at this phase of the experimental, it's clear there's much to do to qualm the hysteria and polish the product. To be candid, I thought 16.4 would be the eventual RC to make the leap to GOLD. There are enough substantial changes and problems today, that I personally think it's fair to anticipate several more Experimental sub-releases before you are even sniffing something that looks like a shippable product.
  8. You bring up an interesting point Jax. Isn't it more pragmatic to look at the current state of this App as sort of pseudo-SDK, anyway ? I mean, it's not exactly a cash grab for TFP. We had this age old exchange over the last year of RHs development. What is unique to play-style and what is core to the Dogma of the game itself ? Lets face facts, they're not exactly raking in additional royalties or new players with A17, and any potential future Gold release seems more unlikely than ever given the time it took to do the refactoring for Unity2017. (of course, we all thought the same about R*st at one point). It seems to me from an outsider's point of view that it is sort of a labor of love "get your troubled teen into a nice junior college" type endeavor, as opposed to a "take community feedback and integrate it into future creative decisions". LOL. If the Modder community bands together, prioritizes player and server-Operator wishes and aggressively produces content, I think it's a win for everyone, regardless of what the principal developers do with the core game. It doesn't look like anything has been flat -locked out- from being enhanced, tweaked or modded. I could definitely do without rubber banding Zombies and almost unkillable Elite's like the Feral Solider, but hey, every game has it's bogeyman, right ? If the RWG, colliders, and entity location / spawn stuff can be resolved quickly, I see a really strong future for the next year of 7Days.
  9. That, and you eat up brazillions of item-IDs / block-IDs with stuff that's more of a novelty. It never really affected the end-game because you could inevitably find high quality complete guns at the higher Scavenging levels in the earlier alpha's anyway. I do hope someone figures out how to Mod a .50cal on the Jeep so the shotgun rider can shoot. Most folks I talk to prefer the "find complete usable weapons" (which is more realistic anyway) and then allow CRAFTING of game-changing Mods / Enhancements to the existing weapon. I don't see a difference between "OMG OMG I found a 594 barrel for my sniper" vs. "OMG OMG OMG I found a fire-rate-spring for my AK"
  10. Info on A17 / other Releases Since several questions like this have been asked, I will post this in general for you guys (and ladies) to all benefit. For those that don't know, you can view SteamDB statistics, and release information publicly at the following Link. Link to 7Days on SteamDB Note: This link is specific to 7Days, but you can just chop off the path and go directly to steamDB to look at other titles. ProTip: This is also a good page to bookmark, because it will tell you the last commit that was made to the DEV chain. This would also be a good indicator if there's activity today, that you may be nearing a release. (for instance, if you are at work, and don't have access to your steam library to check and see if a new update is ready to download.) e.g. the last commit to the test trunk was about 18hrs ago while the last update to experimental (what you have been watching on Twitch or YouTube) was about 2 days ago. So, When and IF the public release branch, is updated from 2222519 (Current 16.4 public branch) to something other than that. (e.g. something in the build range of the current Dev branch 3315982).. That's an indicator that things are going swimmingly for a release today. I hope this helps some of the tweakers out there, Jones'n to get an idea on when it's going to be ready to DL.
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