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  1. Hi guys,


    I made a damn mistake, I launched my wotw saved game with the regular 7dtd instead of the launcher. Of course I got errors in the console while loading the game and closed it as soon as I realized my stupidity.

    My issue is that now when I launch wotw through the launcher and load my saved game I have a new character with nothing (lvl 0 and no equipment but the whole map is still there) any idea on how I could get my character back ?


    Hell O Cenafor, sorry but u can't restore your old profil, the only way is give you some skill point, xp from debug mod ( F1 DM ) enter HELP in console for all command

  2. when i run latest version of mod on default settings, normal zombies do not run even at night. tested with vanilla game, zombies run just fine


    yea happen for me too after updated to 4.3.1

  3. That info really helped! I never thought of that being the cause. It's something I know about but haven't been able to nail down the cause


    hello, damm i try grain alcohol immunity lvl 0 work, lvl 1 work, lvl 5 or 6 work, so after i want to try lvl 10 but i was busy so i try lvl 11 don't work, so i decide to die to try if i can be buzzed on each lvl from 0 to 10

  4. WOTW 5.3 grain alcohol


    Hello, when i have immunity lvl max 20, when i try to use grain alcohol nothing happen, only extinguish fire but never buzzed, so i die ( some stone on my head :) ) i'm going back to immunity lvl 0, i drink grain alcohol, miracle that's work i'm buzzed, so my question : its normal or something wrong or i miss something ?


    i want to be buzzed :)

  5. MiniBike book


    WOTW 5.3


    i found a bug at this line in items.xml about minibike book never spawn before i fix this


    line bug : name="Recipes_to_learn" value="minibikeChassis,minibikeSeat,minibikeHandlebars"/> -->


    fixed : name="Recipes_to_learn"

    value="minibikeChassis,minibikeSeat,minibikeHandlebars"/> -->


    after fixed i found minibikes For Dumb♥♥♥♥s book on 1 trader

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