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  1. Hell O Cenafor, sorry but u can't restore your old profil, the only way is give you some skill point, xp from debug mod ( F1 DM ) enter HELP in console for all command
  2. yea happen for me too after updated to 4.3.1
  3. ver 4.3 is not finish, its experimental
  4. hello, damm i try grain alcohol immunity lvl 0 work, lvl 1 work, lvl 5 or 6 work, so after i want to try lvl 10 but i was busy so i try lvl 11 don't work, so i decide to die to try if i can be buzzed on each lvl from 0 to 10
  5. WOTW 5.3 grain alcohol Hello, when i have immunity lvl max 20, when i try to use grain alcohol nothing happen, only extinguish fire but never buzzed, so i die ( some stone on my head ) i'm going back to immunity lvl 0, i drink grain alcohol, miracle that's work i'm buzzed, so my question : its normal or something wrong or i miss something ? i want to be buzzed
  6. MiniBike book WOTW 5.3 i found a bug at this line in items.xml about minibike book never spawn before i fix this line bug : name="Recipes_to_learn" value="minibikeChassis,minibikeSeat,minibikeHandlebars"/> --> fixed : name="Recipes_to_learn" value="minibikeChassis,minibikeSeat,minibikeHandlebars"/> --> after fixed i found minibikes For Dumb♥♥♥♥s book on 1 trader
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