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  1. Sorry if I ofended you by downloading your dev version. I dont want to participate as a tester anyway, and if it is hard to answer simple question (if it is intended or not) - NP.
  2. Hey @JaxTeller718! I died from infection when it reached 100% and stuck in death loop on my bedroll. Is it intended? The only way I managed to continue playing is by using debuff command. P.S. Sorry, forgot to mention I am using your dev version, as I needed server version, so I decided to use it.
  3. xtended2l

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hi, I made an addon, which adds second merchant dropbox to the mod(Valmod Version 3.28).You can exchange various goods for casino coins there. Indeed, only rare items are exchangeable, like Tools&Dieset, auger/minibike parts and so on. Prices are kept lower for the balancing reason. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-vlMcoppR3LZ2JFbjdTaEt0dTA/view?usp=sharing Hi Val! Your mod is the best. if you dont like my addition just delete this post, dont want to be boring.I made it for myself, maybe someone needs this too))
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