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  1. Thanimal

    True Survival

    @Bluish69, right now it is only a client and SP is essentially disabled until mod is out of testing. join the testing server and help us all help Spider finish this thing up
  2. Thanimal

    True Survival

    I am SO happy this is back! Loved it when I started this a couple years ago, and am so happy it is back. If there is anyway I can help please let me know, I joined Guppy's Discord and will try to check in here more often. I don't have the log files for you but the last real issue I had: I got an eggplant and went to read recipes, instantly got debug screen and every time I opened my backpack up after that it went to opening debug and wouldn't close restart cleared the issue but I haven't tried to see if it will happen again. Is there anything special we n
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