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  1. Thanimal

    True Survival

    @Bluish69, right now it is only a client and SP is essentially disabled until mod is out of testing. join the testing server and help us all help Spider finish this thing up
  2. Thanimal

    True Survival

    I am SO happy this is back! Loved it when I started this a couple years ago, and am so happy it is back. If there is anyway I can help please let me know, I joined Guppy's Discord and will try to check in here more often. I don't have the log files for you but the last real issue I had: I got an eggplant and went to read recipes, instantly got debug screen and every time I opened my backpack up after that it went to opening debug and wouldn't close restart cleared the issue but I haven't tried to see if it will happen again. Is there anything special we need to do to set up MP server? we tried the server files (we think), had Tech folks helping and couldn't get past the "creating player" screen -Again, if there is anything I can do to help progress this Mod I would love to be a help. Edit-- went back to eggplant and as soon as I click the recipe tab I get debug/console says an instance doesnt have a reference and keeps going. And continues everytime I open my backpack or try any recipe
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