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  1. Love updates to the game, no matter what they are, since this is an incredible game. Disappointed to yet again not see any mention of multiplayer tweaking for cheating, clipping, lagging, dedicated servers, etc. Maybe you're doing them and just not listing them in the updates? Remember, this is not just a single player game :P.
  2. With maxed perks in Agility including all pistol perks and the pistol books all read, a 44 magnum still can't take on an AK with half the perks. These weapons should be brought more into balance. I could understand a magnum not taking on a fully perked AK, but it can't even take low perk ak's and m60s.
  3. Did they add the level requirements back to the stats? Did I miss that in the 240 update? They removed it, but the game shows B240 yet I can't make a forge until level 10
  4. This thread is so long I'm not sure anyone from TFP will see this, but the balance of difficulty modes is not good. You get the same xp no matter the difficulty level. I like playing on the hardest settings, but it takes weeks to get to the same point I could get to on normal settings in a single week. It takes so much time and resources to kill the zombies on higher levels that the xp should be increased.
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