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  1. Thanks, I appreciate that and hope you will have a great year 2018! And I agree with your idea that TFP could work on more athmospheric locations like the named and described ones. For me it would be most important to have places like the bar scene you pointed out where you can meet "real" NPC's who give you quests or maybe trade with you. But of course with less offered items than the "official" traders have, maybe some bullets, some food or some seeds. On the one hand a benefit was the fact that NPC's do not need to be controlled by an AI. On the other hand the bandits for example will take a lot of time to be implemented in the game because they need to have a working AI to take cover, escape zombies or find routes into buildings which can change their shapes every moment due to the block building system which will be the hardest challenge for an AI. We also experience permanently that the zombies in many cases are even unable to pass through doors right next to them or fail to jump on a single block. I think it will take a while to get this working but your idea of well designed places with NPC's should not be a big issue for TFP. Let's hope the best!
  2. Yes, thank you and wish everyone a happy new year too! We are already screwing up the place here in Berlin. Unfortunately we can't blow up the Bundestag to send Merkel to hell, hahaha. - - - Updated - - - If it is not totally against the "basic game idea" I would like to see slot machines in 7D2D just like there are some in Borderlands 2. One reel determines the type of item to win and the other reel determines it's colour/quality. Slot machines could be fed with casino tokens. For example you have a gun symbol and a green symbol what could lead to a hunting rifle with a quality level between 300 and 399 (set randomly). Or you have a tool symbol and get a nailgun with blue quality or something like that. If a first aid cross appers you get a random healing item like antibiotics or a bullet symbol gives you a random type of ammunition like a set of 5 sniper bullets. Those slot machines could be found at trader outposts or in bars. It might be a cool thing for the thrill if there are no interesting offers made by the trader or you just like to gamble a bit. It could be a nice thing if a low level character got a steel pick axe as a reward for playing risky. Sorry for my English. Greetings from Germany.
  3. I would love to see that too. But you have to manage that wooden bases do not become uninteresting if it was too easy to be destroyed by being burnt down. I would suggest that wooden blocks on fire turn into those burnt wood blocks which the destroyed houses in the burnt forest biome are made of, with less durability. A wooden block which was attacked by a burnt victim (with a chance of 20% to be set on fire) is covered by flames that can randomly spread over the other blocks next to the attacke one. Sorry for my English. Greetings from Germany.
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