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  1. Ok, found out the mono problem. you have to copy your monobleedingedge from your main 7d2d folder. then you paste it in the main folder for darkness falls.
  2. *sigh* getting darkness_falls/darkness_falls/data/stamps/desert-ground1.raw is denied I wiped out the launcher and redownloaded it. uninstalled the mod and opened the path to it and wiped out manually as well and reinstalled everything and im getting that message. The base game does work, something isnt working right.
  3. I had to remove the game from steam and wiped it on the launcher. but now i cant even play darkness falls period, everytime i launch i get something saying there isnt called mono and wont launch.
  4. For me its the head tracking that is off. i like the idea, but it needs work. i smacked a zed and spinned it's body around without its head moving. taking with trader jen you can see it as well. the body and the head moves independant of each other it looks like. stamina useage is way up and food consumption is way up as well. you really have to put food down very very earily.
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