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  1. Ok, so they are intentional then. I think I made higher pitched screams than my wife during that encounter. But good to know the game wasn't broken. Good times
  2. Did you guy put in some crazy Easter egg fun time stuff? Wife and I started a new game and day 7 horde this round was actually pretty good for first one.....then about 2am we hear that gurgling that cops make and we turn around on our little safety roof perch and there is not one but 2 stay puff marshmallow policemen. Lol those things were huge...as tall as a full grown pine tree. ♥♥♥♥ was funny but after awhile kiting we decided to just log instead of using all our arrows. Did get some screenshots I can try and upload later.
  3. The forest is awesome. Love the POI's. Sitting stealthily at night in there was great watching the creatures roam around and the goblins glowing eyes made it even more spooky. Bug mabey? Aggro is definitely off on everything in there. Nothing seems to aggro until you hit first. Models are sweet for the inhabitants there.
  4. Wasn't low health just fell broke leg landed in the middle of some upset residents and had my shovel in hand ..... Will let imagination finish.... Don't put any hay down ..... Everyone has a learning curve.
  5. Just wanted to give you guys a thumbs up on this project, my wife and I are enjoying the new visuals and changes. Quite a few WTF, RUN! moments too! Did want to add on with a previous post about anvil stage of anything quest. We couldn't get it to update until we set one down then destroyed to get anvil back into inventory.... Closed game out completely including MOD launcher and then it updated quest on login. Other issue is the map quests. BTW very cool deal there. Died on first one digging straight down 4 blocks and found out I couldn't fly... But issue is the quest not updating. Found a chest like a normal hunt but no update after opening and loot.... Keep up the awesome ♥♥♥♥ you guys do (I mean every modder out there) ... Have kept my wife and I entertained going on 2 years now, thanks.
  6. blacksmith station/table and Smith hammer
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