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  1. As far as funding goes. Wasn't this a crowd fund? And even if it wasn't, why not crowd fund for the much needed console optimization. That right there would at least show that people like the game enough to want to see it get better. The games not going to do well if you have to keep telling the people that want to join you that there's no more room. People do want to play but turn them away enough and you got nothing in the end.
  2. One other thing to note is that even if all it does is add one more person or none. A dedicated host console can help with host lag. As you say the game handles large data maps. If the host isn't rendering graphics. All players benefit by the world being track on a dedicated console. The setup at present is like a split screen but offloading the rendering onto players 2, 3, and 4.
  3. Textures shouldn't make a difference to a dedicated server. I'm no software engineer but a block is just an ID consisting of its spacial location and what material it is. The server doesn't render it. It just tracks what and where. It's on the maned consoles to render the block when the player is near them.
  4. I'm hoping for one more player but wishing for 1-6. Via use of a dedicated console. So your telling me that when, for example, you have 5 players and 6 consoles. The host machine can't keep up with the block changes of all the players. The host machine has 2 jobs. 1-Tell secondary machines what's there. 2-Record what secondary machine just did. Most of the time 4 of the 5 will occupy the same area because when you talk about 4 player max (current) PVP is stupid so your working together. Theoretically most of it's work would be here because the one player that's running errands the host can say "I don't care". That players machine can track what they do. Then when they rejoin the others or someone goes to them, then the host requests update. It would be great if the GPU can offload the CPU because it's not going to be doing much on a dedicated server. I figure this is the cheaper option than getting companies like Nitrado to host rentable PS4 servers. But I think a lot of people would pay if that meant they weren't alienating one friend every time they play. How different is minecraft? That game allows 8 as I recall. Crafting is different but otherwise it has same basic block system. And I still think the world is too big.
  5. If all one system is doing is tracking the game world and it can't handle 6, 8, or 10 players then something else is wrong. Maybe the maps are too big for one. The maps are way to big for 4 players. At that player count you only get friends playing and you spawn on opposite ends of the map it takes an hour or more to meet anywhere.
  6. So is there a reason we can't do a server like in Ark? Where one console is running a copy of the game and no one is playing on it. It literally just tracks everything in the world and all processing is dedicated to that. In Ark the graphics are also more advanced and they still got that to work. They also utilized a teathering system when the host played. This limited all rendered objects to an area the hardware could support.
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