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  1. I'm on a single player world and have only seen two horde nights, day 7 and day14 but ever since then I get nothing which kind of blows considering the amount of time and resources I've put into fortifying my base all for nothing except for the occasional wandering horde that decides to show up.
  2. Better hunting rifle: This would basically be a bolt action rifle that holds more than one round. Perhaps a military surplus firearm that is in common circulation in the US such as a mosin nagant or mauser variant that hold 5 rounds in their internal magazines. Inventory Search Function: would it kill the fun pimps to ad a search function to our inventory spaces so we can find that one item among all the other clutter. It can be a real hassle sometimes to do it on your own.
  3. As the title says I'm currently unable to place any tools such as the grill or beaker in my campfire. The tool slots are non existent.
  4. Oh that's what it was my mining helmet lacked the light mod. I only recently came over to the pc version from console so I'm still getting accustomed to all the new features. On console the mining helmet came pre equipped with a light. In fact I don't know why they even changed that.
  5. So basically as the title says I cannot get my mining helmet light to turn on even after changing the key binding multiple times. I'm not sure what the problem is.
  6. Im pretty sure the console version doesn't even have sleeper zombies yet.
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