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  1. Wow, all these years playing and I never made that connection. Glad I asked! Thanks!!
  2. Is there a way to randomize the starting location when using the premade maps? I'm always starting in the same spot.
  3. Thanks @harussame. I didn't have it on my toolbelt. I'll try it that way.
  4. Well, it must just be me but how is the gas can (empty) supposed to work? I equip the can (which has a value of 315), go to a gas pump, right click but nothing happens. No feedback on what I'm missing.
  5. I've got all the parts (and a caliper) to make the steel crossbow. Workbench doesn't give the option. Where/how can I make one?
  6. I've unlocked the bicycle recipe "Bicycles for Dumb♥♥♥♥s". However, the wheel recipe is still locked.
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