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  1. For you lovely modlet "Ragnarok's screen mod" do you have an English Tutorial for this mod as unsure why mine in't working unsure if it cause I am using onedrive link to the file or what



  2. for the link to where the images are can we use onedrive?
  3. Is there a tutorial on how to use this mod?
  4. anyone download any of the mods off of, link below - and the server only side ones, anyhow none load anyone else with same issue? https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/25751-khaines-a20-modlets-bigger-backpacks-lockable-slots-behemoths-random-wandering-hordes-etc/
  5. I put these mods on my server and none are working - any ideas to why?
  6. . Great mod; say is this server side only mod or does the client need to install this too?
  7. anyone use the Solar Generator mod? if so how is one to craft level 6 solar cells? I only can craft lvl 5
  8. I have to say CSMM and CPM mods are the best out there and would recommend them to anyone, just a word of warning setting it up was extremely overwhelming for me, but for the average person prob. easy peasy so if I can do it, that suffers from major manic depression anyone can do it A side note I would like to publically apologize to Catalysm and whoever else I offended in Catalysm Discord. Not making any excuses here but with my illness and losing my mother in Fall of last year I can not .... anyway do not want to get into it but I do apologize. CrazyDave66
  9. Willy Jeep not showing With the Willy Jeep, or any of the other Mods are they in creative menu as like to see one am impatient or do I have to way to craft one. Also can one have this as a server side mod or does the clients have to have the mod as well?
  10. I love this generator however lately been getting dirt patches throughout the map including in the snow patch,
  11. Does this map generator actuall support more than 8k as the rwgmixer.xml rule sets seem to only do 4k and 8k terrain_generator="vanilla8k"
  12. MY world appears sunken any ideas to why? [ATTACH=CONFIG]29132[/ATTACH]
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