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  1. I haven't played this one for a while, I'm enjoying A19 so far, really like the dungeons and mazes, I dont like that zombies dont drop loot anymore (well very rarely), in the last version I played that still was a thing. Water physics is still broken if you want to build around/under water. It leaves "holes" on the surface of the water, very unrealistic looking. Also blocks I build cannot really connect to the "natural" blocks. There is always a weird wedge. The bike can in fact crash into the wedge too. I really love the base building aspects. Designing "zombie proof" places, big skyscrapers with tons of rooms where I'm safe from the apocalypse etc. However, bases are pretty much useless as far as the game go. I mean sure they protect ME but for that you dont really need much. A 4*3*3 blocks of concrete will do, you can shoot all of them from the top of that. I'd love the game to have a real practical use of kitchens, bathrooms, beds etc. We already have food and water, not sure why we dont have sleep options. Its pretty weird building a fancy home but I cannot use an oven and have to use a campfire forever. I make a bed and its only use is for me to repspawn on. I had to use creative mode because stuff isnt craftable like clothes shelves and such. Also would love more decorations and paints. Paitings, posters, more indoor and outdoor plants, "fancy" grass. Less "wooden shack" stuff and more "fancy house" stuff, you know. Electric cables is also all over the place, they should follow the walls and not just go through them, very unrealistic looking. Of course its not up to me, but thats where I'd add some stuff in a future update! Its really fun building cool bases too, the game is not just about fighting
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