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  1. I partly get your point, but much of the concept is a grind from mining to ammo / building material grinding in the 7 day cycle. I am tempted to state that grinding in some way is an essential element of 7D2D. Ofc we are all free to like or dislike it. that said, the conversations (not you, but the above posts) starts getting toxic, so I will leave it at that
  2. Also a possible idea (although this hiemfire guy dislikes any post suggesting change 😁)
  3. That's true, it shouldn't be as easy as that. On repair kit fits all and each and everything returns to original strength is too much of an oversimplification. A bummer for long term motivation. Another solution would be to leave it as it is and to allow for more endgame content and make high level weapons and gear super rare so that it usually is NOT found within your first 50-100 in game days or hard zombies appearing really late in game (not one hit wonders like the demo, though). But that's just my 2 cents
  4. Damocles whereabouts sure is an interesting question, as there is little news currently. I would be mega happy, if the devs in some way cooperated with Damocles or integrated his work in RWG. And given his total lack of any communication, it's all in the realm of possibilities. Nitrogen maps for me have been the single most important modding option to the game I can think of. Vanilla RWG has got simply worse with time after A16, since it's no more random. Actually if I know that snow is up north, desert in the middle and have a lead topstone above all major lead mines, the maps just is no more random and this makes replayability less fun. Hope Damocles name will be seen in the future iterations of 7d2d heading gold 🙂
  5. I figured as much, I think this should also be pinned to the pimp dreams forum (as not to invite too many thoughts for new ideas)
  6. Too bad we just don't reach your levels of wisdom and importance
  7. I agree. Tier 5 could be good, but needs way more rewards or other benefits. I just try to be careful what I write. Someone on here was complaining in A18 that he got good quality tools too early - the result being the current stone mess. I am afraid labeling tier 5 as CURRENTLY not reasonable just leads to something like taking them out or at least not adding any new T5, and good T5 would be something very interesting, as the current selection is way too narrow
  8. Item quality and degradation was one of the points, in which A16 topped its successors.
  9. That's the way I see it too and the way most people seem to see it. What the game is currently missing is randomness. Random worlds (RWG) are far from random, loot is basically level gated, making the game too predictable a grind, especially early on.
  10. Sorry, I was considering recipes as books, my bad for not expressing myself adequately, which also goes for my previous answer
  11. Nope. The problem is again level gating. You only get certain books with a certain level. Not cool, but that's the present state of affairs
  12. Don't build at all. Take all your 7.62 ammo and some bandages and just stay around in an open field. Works fine, no repairs needed. Demos are overpowered and since the 5,000 damage was MMs idea, it's probably not gonna be adjusted. Alternatively, there is some cheese (door stilts...) and semi cheese (kill corridor) designs. Unfortunately regular bases are pretty much pointless...
  13. You nailed it! That would be okay, alas it really does not feel like it. It feels like A17 level gating, before the books came and changed it for the better.
  14. This isn't about when to expect it. It's about chances and randomness. If it's straight linear and level locked, there is no excitement in looting left. Only having perk trees like in A17 was boring, the introduction of books made it worthwhile and gave it a randomness factor (in my opinion, books should even be more rare and also cover stuff which is not included in skill trees) - books should imho be more of a mainsty than perks, i.e. the other way round than it currently is. Then chasing recipes becomes a challenge, finding the much needed recipe a moment of exorbitant joy. Same goes for weapons. Better weapons in more difficult areas is fine, but even then there should be some randomness factor. Like, it's okay to find a steel sledge even early in game or in an easy building. It shouldn't happen every couple of gaming hours though, nut maybe in 1 out of 40 playthroughs? Make it rare, but make it possible. There is nothing as boring as exactly knowing what to expect. "I have gamestag6, i.e. this crate will definitely only contain stone stuff *yawns*" I go even further, super loot shouldn't be as frequent as it is in later gamestages. Make finding it an event, something special. General feedback suggest, that most people see it that way and that looting has become boring. There has been too much fallout cloning here. This game is special. Leave it its own character, there is no need for a 7 days to fallout. I do NOT want it easiert. I do NOT want better loot. I want more thrill, more excitement what to expect. More differences in playthroughs.
  15. Wasting is kind of hard when finding more than you can use 😁
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