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  1. You guys put it well into worda. The random factor is missing. Random worlds, random loot, random starts. I really hope it will be back for a20 and on..
  2. Why this hardcore grind lock? Some random factor really wouldn't hurt. Sure, generally speaking higher level quest should spawn higher level loot. However, some lucky or unlucky moment makes for the best story
  3. We just completely quit doing safes and stuff, it's simply pointless early on. As game progresses, we will change that. But opening safes if you KNOW that there is only stone stuff? Nah. If better stuff was super rare early on, I would be happy, finding it would be a jackpot and a story to tell. now it's just about finding copy paste material. I like the progression system, but I dislike its implementation. Random fun seems to be thrown out of the window. Random World Gen without a random factor. Random loot which is zero random. Just like ... level 1, 2, 3 ... That's switching from a pure level grind to a zed grind. The randomness, good and bad lucks also makes or made up for part of the games charme. Not advocating a rain of blue and purple gear early on, but at least some randomnes..... blue items spawning with 0.005% probability in stone age, 5% in late game for instance ... level gated, but still funny randomness
  4. Yes, prolonging the stone age is a good idea, the implementation not so much. If I am no archeologist, my chances on finding worthy antique stuff might be low, but they are there. It's not a necessity to be an automated trash collector then.
  5. I find an egg in almost every nest, that's a huge plus over A18 egg level for me
  6. happy to hear. In my eyes, RWG does a lot more for the game than beautiful artwork. It gives the game an incredible replay value
  7. - Artwork looks great - RWG still sore lacking (A16 was best when it comes to RWG) and not really random - loot being too linear apart from traders: + I get basically all items for the game stage level, there is no variation either in levels or in stats (had 4 level 2 stoneaxes with the exactly same stats), so looting gets kinda boring, I cannot really hope for better levels or stats atm. + traders offer all kind of levelled loot (even top level), but I heard the trader loot is gonna be fixed sooner or later - eggs. finally there is more eggs. - performance wise it's runnig smooth, better than A18 actually for me - my main beef, the demlishers making (non cheese) base building pointless still have to be examined 🙂
  8. I wouldn't mind building bases, if it wasn't for demolishers. As it is, it's resource saving and safer to just stand out there in plain open fields with an M60 than being inside a (non cheese!) base. That is if they didn't change demos, didn't get there in A19 yet. But switching blood moons off? That would actually depriving me of a lot of fun. Just run around a city on blood moon instead of building a base, then you only have to worry about ammo And of course you can set blood moons to 14days or so.
  9. There is little RANDOM to this random world generation. But there is Nitrogen, so that's okay with me, even though I think RWG is a major asset to the game - more so than fancy graphics or animations.
  10. I second that. Nitrogen ist pretty much the only useable RWG map since A16, when random gen was still useable. And as for the changes made by TFP to RWG - Avoiding duplicates in one town is good, but - sorting biomes by forest in the middle, snow and desert up north/south sort of defeats the purpose of RANDOM gen. For now, Nitrogen for sure is the way to go!
  11. a long story, but a VERY good point: If loot was just distributed more randomly (no fixed loot rooms), the game would be much more of a challenge again. It would solve the nerdpoling issue for the most part as well without having to abandon nerdpoling itself.
  12. The point made ist that it's easy enough to shoot yourself through horde night without any base. Actually ground level shooting in the street might be easier than in a standard base, as your standard base will be breached and due to structural issues, surviving horde night then ois easier with no base than with a regular base (not counting cheese or specific demolisher bases here). For me, something is wrong, if survival in a base is more complicated than survival in an open field. So no, demo's don't scare any sh*t out of me. Actually when the horde follows me and I set of the demo, it's just gonna take a big part of the horde with it. I just do it somewhere in the street where I don't mind swiss cheese. No base required. That is the point. The demo doesn not add to the game, it reduces viable game content by a large margin.
  13. You CAN adapt to a lot. If it's fun is an entirely different story. I for one spend horde nights in temp bases or just floor level with an M60 and mow it all down. It feels so pointless to build a beautiful, strong base and end up not only with the mentioned destroyed steel blocks, but with a crater landscape of swiss cheese at my front door - all the while doing what I do at ground level as well, hold an M60 and shoot. The base serves little purpose these days. It costs a lot of energy and basically doesn't really add much. Frankly speaking, the demolisher doesn't add to the game, it just makes you go for a sepcific playstyle. And I don't want to have to resort to cheese bases or dart trap armies only. To me, the variety of playstyles possible makes 7D2D what it is. And the demo doesn't add here, it takes away.
  14. I still have hope the demolishers will get some balance tweaking for A19. The fun argument often brought forward, if bits and pieces are streamlined / cut from the game, could apply here as well. In its current state, base building fun is - at least for many people - partly reduced by demolishers. First by the amount of damage they do and the repairs necessary, then by the crater moonscape the leave behind. Spending a lot of game time in re-flattening a landscape just for the next demolisher horde feels even more pointless than sticks and raw iron. A cheesy basedesign shouldn't be necessary to make base building worthwhile. Other than that, the new graphics are looking great and I am looking forward to 7D2D going gold, so there can be a sequel
  15. He's right in that demos are hugely overpowered, no matter the rest. I also wish they would add more xstandard zombie instead of a bulk of magic zombies with weird abilities. I hald expect convertible zombies next, which can turn into dinosaurs or gas stations zombies turning into acid fluid. I'd appreciate more standard zombies instead of a league of dead weirdos, but that's only my 2 cents.
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