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  1. I would have to disagree with the intellect is a mandatory perk tree to take, my last several play throughs I have not put a single point into intellect, you can find the schematics or just buy the forges and workbenches and other things outright and spend the points elsewhere.
  2. Well, that sounds good, as long as it is not a desired change to somehow nerf base designs using poles. And thanks for the tip on the 1/2 block, that will be a easy fix until they patch it.
  3. Watched a video from jawodell yesterday, the burger base vs day 7000 or something like that and he mentioned they upped the damage zombies do to poles this alpha so he changed his design. My go to design is back to back steel poles and it works very good. Did some searching on Google and this board and did not find anything. So did I just miss it or did I misunderstand him in his video? Any info would be appreciated.
  4. 53 here, anyone here remember when video cards were 2d only and you had to buy a separate 3d accelerator? The first pc I built had a video card with 4 Meg's of RAM and a separate 3d accelerator with 8 Meg's of ram, still have my old voodoo II sitting on my desk.
  5. Google something called "7 days to die nitrogen" It is a random world generator that is very easy to use and far superior to the vanilla generation. A huge shout out to the creator, well done and much appreciated.
  6. I agree with a lot of people on here, some of these changes are starting to look like a trend in a bad direction. Similar to what happened to the deus ex series, the first game was fantastic but the second game was complete "streamlined" garbage. The complexity was what made this game great, please don't stream line it into a dumbed down shooter.
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