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  1. I use the mod for SP no problem. Can't recall if there are two separate downloads but don't think so.
  2. Anyone know of any good seeds for WOTW? The last few I've tried have had almost no traders, class halls and no major metropolis. A retirement center is a bonus but not required.
  3. That seemed to fix it, no more errors. I wonder why that happened. It was a clean install.
  4. Here you go. LOL I hope I did it right. https://pastebin.com/eZqsJAPy
  5. Ok so since I'm not running it through the launcher how do I get the logs from the game itself?
  6. Ok I ran it again but this time without the launcher in a fresh install of the mod. Still got the errors so I'm thinking it has something to do with Starvation mod and not the launcher.
  7. Advanced mode Ok so I tried using the advanced mode. Tried loading starvation mod. On loading I got TONS of failed to load assets errors. Not sure if this is the Mod launcher or the mod itself. As a side question I was wondering if you can only install one mod at a time with the advanced mode?
  8. Simple mode greyed out Hi I've not had any problems with your launcher until now. But it seems that the simple option is greyed out. I've white listed the launcher.exe which lol was a pain to find. I've tried running it as admin also. but nothing seems to allow me to use simple mode.
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