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  1. So I updated my 7d2d and installed the newest RH but now all I get is the black screen after the Fun Pimps logo. Is RH not compatible with the current 7d2d vanilla? If so what am I doing wrong? LOL Edit: Well after looking through back posts I found a post stating that RH only worked with 17.1 so it seem that the game loads now that I reverted to 17.1. Out of curiosity are their plans to update the mod to work with 17.2?
  2. You're quite welcome, it's nice to actually be able to help people instead of always coming here confused LOL
  3. You make it in the blender you find in POIs, you can wrench them to pick them up to bring back to your base.
  4. I may have messed up. I didn't realize I was soo close to finishing the hunting rifle part of the firearms quest chain and my bags were full I frantically dropped stuff and I thought I picked everything up. But I still can't craft a marksman rifle. I thought no big deal I will just spawn it in. But there is no blueprint for marksman rifle. How do I learn how to craft marksman rifles?
  5. I seem to be having an issue with getting fishing to work. I'm using a Fishing Rod Full. I've stood at the lakes edge, in the lake and back a bit from the lake both left clicking and right clicking but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? LOL nvm it was just REALLY fickle. I had to move all around the water's edge to find a spot it liked.
  6. Thanks. LOL I couldn't figure it out.
  7. Could someone explain how the auto miner works. I crafted one but it says it needs fuel but no matter what I try I can't add fuel. Is there an accompanying station or something I'm missing?
  8. For those that are wondering why there's no crafting recipe for the coffee maker/blender it's because if you wrench them down you get them in your inventory as a placeable item.
  9. I've found some working coffee makers and blenders in the world where do I make those or are those only available in POIS?
  10. Anyone heard anything about if this is coming to A17?
  11. I have to agree Ainz on his point also. To be yelled at on the board for a simple request is very belittling and needs to stop. I have been on this planet nearly 5 decades and to see this is quite irritating. So I implore you gpcstargate please stop. Yes we get a little excited about the eventual release of this outstanding mod, but that is a testament to Subquake's great work. It should be treated as such.
  12. I had this same issue and had to reinstall 7d2d and then install the mod. After it worked fine. Even a verifying the files didn't fix it only the reinstall.
  13. Does the bicycle not have any storage? Or is there a mod for it?
  14. Also another question: I'm trying to figure out what i need to do in order to craft higher quality weapons/tools/armor. Not quite sure I "think" I looked at all the skills but nothing stood out. Edit: Ok figured out the higher quality weapons. Lol now I can't find the pack mule perk. This is definitely going to take some getting used to.
  15. Thank you soo much Dust2Death. You rock. LOL you don't know how much this helps me. And lol after seeing this, I had a derp realization and thought gee I could have used the creative menu to do the same things. *sigh* I guess hindsight is always 20/20.
  16. Ok so I've been playing with this mod which is awesome, but I have a slight issue. It's a personal one but an issue none the less. I attempted to do some underground mining and due to my colour blindness I have no clue what the special resources look like now. Could someone post some pictures of what each of the ores look like? Nitrate, iron, lead coal. It'd be greatly appreciated so that way I know what to look for.
  17. Hi I really love your mod as it brings a much needed quality of life to the game. I have an issue and I'm 99% certain it is because I installed Compo Pack. The issue is, is that some of the lights won't turn on in the pois from the compo pack, they turn on in the vanilla structures but not there. Not sure why.
  18. LOL anyone else get a bit excited when you see something has been posted on the UL mod forum post thinking/hoping that this is the A17 release? Any ways keep up the great work and I know masterpieces take time so don't rush it.
  19. I dunno what the requirements are for using DropBox as the download site but it's something maybe you could look into?
  20. I look forward to seeing where your vehicle overhaul mod goes. I totally agree that just seeing a bunch of sedans and NONE of them are drivable is silly. I mean what were the military doing holding up in the base behind secret vault doors which no one apparently can find? Which would be a kind of cool POI to build a kind of Cheyenne military compound where you COULD have a better than average chance of finding a working Humvee or other military grade vehicle. LOL I wish I was a good at building things but the extent of my building skills consists of a box. Maybe one of your mod fans could come up with something that you could implement??!
  21. I just redownloaded it and put the file in the appropriate directory after the update and it works fine. You have to remember that the update also updates any changed files so the assembly file went back to the original.
  22. I use the mod for SP no problem. Can't recall if there are two separate downloads but don't think so.
  23. Anyone know of any good seeds for WOTW? The last few I've tried have had almost no traders, class halls and no major metropolis. A retirement center is a bonus but not required.
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