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  1. Hey @stallionsden love your mods and want to use Invisible animals fix for my server but I'm not sure if I need to reload the server or not or can I just plunk it in. And will I need to have the mod on both the client and server? Also will this interfere with my server running WOTW?
  2. Thank you for the quick response. It was GREATLY appreciated but not expected. Keep up the great work.
  3. Heya @stallionsden I love your mods and I hope you are feeling better. I do have a question though about your mining mod. There are several "blocks" it produces that serve no purpose although some "should" ? I was wondering if this was intentional.
  4. Hi @stallionsden for some reason the 375 back pack only fills the first 45 slots not sure the cause of it, and I did try downloading it just a few minutes ago and see if that was the issue. It's the ONLY mod I have installed.
  5. Hi just a heads up I tried the admin skill points mod for a119 b157 and it worked with no errors.
  6. Any plans on creating a mod for bigger vehicle/player storage?
  7. Zyamaia


    Hi I'm interested in trying the mod but I can't seem to find any link for a direct download of the files. LOL I probably overlooked it but I prefer to manually install my mods on separate game directories.
  8. Any chance of making this mod compatible with Ravehearst mod? Edit: Claymore pointed out that this was already done for RH, but LOL after reading the whole thread I found it but it was for alpha 17. So that won't work.
  9. Well I figured out how to install the mod. It's an awesome mod. I love it. Any plans on adding new textures to the painting system?
  10. Hi I want to add this to my server but want to know if it only needs to be installed on the server or on my computer too?
  11. Hi, loving the mod thus far. I have a question about farming, part of the quest chain says I need to have a bucket of water. That is fine and dandy but it doesn't tell me what to do with said bucket. It just says to place the farm plot and plant a seed. No mention of water at all. Am I missing something?
  12. How do the insect beer traps work?
  13. Any chance this mod could be made compatible with Darkness Falls?
  14. Howdy @Khaine, I got the mod installed and running smoothly but even after reading 2 books of forge ahead when I look at my forge ahead perk it says they're disabled by status effect. I thought ok maybe it's a level gated thing then I got to level 10 and still locked. What am I missing?
  15. Thank you for bringing this to A18.
  16. Umm....LOL I already thought Undead Legacy shined.
  17. I've noticed that the custom built crates are off center when placed. Even the green out line on where they "should" go don't line up with where the boxes actually are placed.
  18. LOL I feel your pain, it surprised the heck out of me when I shot it and it didn't die and made a beeline towards me and attacked me. I was so surprised that I just stood there for a moment going "ummmmm...WTF?!?!" Well played Jax, well played.
  19. You sir are amazing. I'm VERY surprised the Fun Pimps haven't tried to hire you.
  20. Hi, I love the mod, but have a few questions about farming. I planted my crops in a circle around a block of water. They grow fine but VERY slowly. BUT when they do grow I only get one crop from them. Is there a way to increase the number of plants from said plots? Also it seems that composting takes an inordinately LONG time.
  21. Oh you mean underground LOL gotcha. Derp!!!
  22. Hmmm....I've mined tons of boulders with an iron pick and not a single carbon has dropped.
  23. Where does one find carbon to make forged steel?
  24. LOL yeah I know, that's why I said it's a pity.
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