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  1. Hi SQ, great mod as usual but I found kind of an discrepancy.  The repairable 4x4 trucks need a car repair kit not a truck repair kit.  LOL saved up the resources to repair one and it said I needed the car one.   

  2. Hi @Subquake, great mod as usual.  I love the hard work and everything you've put into the mod.


    I have a couple of questions, I've been tearing down cars and have as of yet found any Car Engines.  Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something?  LOL Probably both.  It's been a while since I've played 7d2d so I'm rusty.


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  3. Hey @KhaineGB great mod as usual.  After playing for more time than I'd like to think about I found a couple of bugs.  The forge time which was previously mentioned is screwy.  Also upgrading to Titanium blocks uses steel instead of Titanium.  


    So I was curious on how to beat those demonic army guys I've tried blessed metal mods on all my max leveled weapons but they regen faster than I can damage them.  Granted I don't have any of the special future weapons yet but I'd think max leveled titanium weapons would do it.  


    Edit:  Also the farming the Press E to pick up doesn't work on all crops and if I punch them it kills the seed too.  But if I use like a knife it grabs the appropriate number of crops while leaving the seed alone.

  4. Hi @KhaineGB I have a question about farming am I missing something I have a 3 x 3 pool of water right next to my irrigation pump which connects to straight pumps and ends at a T which I split off both left and right connect a straight pipe to the t on either side.  Then connecting another t to come back up the line and ending in a cap.  The other direction connects to another t and following the same pattern but having a pump every third row.  The issue is, is nothing is growing.  As a side note do I now need to plant mushrooms on crop plots to get them to grow also?

  5. 1 hour ago, stallionsden said:

    Thank you and as it doesnt have any custom icons you should not be required to have them on both server and client side. Just the server side should suffice.

    You may need to go to a new chunk but it should work on a existing game.

    Thank you for your prompt reply.  I love your mod(lets)s.  Keep up the great work.  :)


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  6. Hey @stallionsden love your mods and want to use Invisible animals fix for my server but I'm not sure if I need to reload the server or not or can I just plunk it in.  And will I need to have the mod on both the client and server?  Also will this interfere with my server running WOTW?

  7. 8 hours ago, stallionsden said:


    - Removed recipes put in wrong mod

    - Removed double items

    - Added new items that mining machine can find.

    - Removed goldenrodtea from raincatcher



    - Added recipes to make the wine barrels.



    Thank you for the quick response.  It was GREATLY appreciated but not expected.  Keep up the great work.  

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  8. Heya @stallionsden I love your mods and I hope you are feeling better.   I do have a question though about your mining mod.  There are several "blocks" it produces that serve no purpose although some "should" ?  I was wondering if this was intentional.

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  9. On 6/30/2020 at 9:04 AM, rev678 said:



    I'm having issues getting the experimental release to even launch on my Mac, so I'll only be updating this modlet after the first Stable release of Alpha 19.


    Hope this clarifies,



    Hi just a heads up I tried the admin skill points mod for a119 b157 and it worked with no errors.  :)

  10. Hi I'm interested in trying the mod but I can't seem to find any link for a direct download of the files. LOL I probably overlooked it but I prefer to manually install my mods on separate game directories. :)

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