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  1. Can anyone help with info on Land Claim Blocks relevant to Alpha 18? I hear people say they prevent Zombie Spawns within their radius, just need to confirm this. I was under the impression only a bedroll did this. I think the Land Claim Block info on the wiki is from Alpha 17. Thanks in advance!
  2. I was in a POI, and to escape some Zombies I created a two block high exit by destroying two wood blocks to get out to the roof. I noticed that instead of following me through the opening, the zombies proceeded to work on destroying the blocks directly adjacent to the opening. Not sure if this is a path-finding bug or not, but it seemed kind of strange they wouldn't choose the opening rather than the blocks next to it. Submitted for the DEVs consideration. There have been a few tweaks to AI recently. I'll give this scenario a test. Schwanz9000
  3. Regarding animal spawn rates ( deer, rabbit, boar ), I noticed that they seem to spawn a lot more when I decreased the difficulty level from Nomad to Scavenger. Was I just imagining this and just happened to luck out, or is this by design? Just curious. I do know on Nomad in at least 3 different random gen maps, animals were quite scarce. If this is a difficulty = resource abundance issue, no worries. Thanks in advance!
  4. Apologies if this was already stated, but it would be GREATLY appreciated if we could switch from a Toggle for zooming with bow/guns/etc... to hold-and-release right-click for zooming instead, and/or other hot-key. Until zooming out, one cannot switch weapons, jump, or run, and there are situations where timing is everything. If there is already a way to do this that I have overlooked, I would equally appreciate if someone could please fill me in. If not, submitted for the Devs consideration. Toggle has its uses, but speaking only for myself, more often than not it places one in too many compromising positions. Thanks in advance!
  5. Wow thanks! That is incredibly helpful! I didn't even consider the mods. I think I will travel a bit and find a pine-forest or other cooler biome. As a general rule when I gen a world I like to "play where it lies" ( although when starting in the burnt forest biome I learned quickly this was a challenge I was not up for LOL ), but I am totally cool revisiting later when I'm more prepared. Also good to know it's not a bug or anything, I'm happy to take on the challenge of working it out strategically. In that case apologies for the out-of-place post. Thanks much for the reply, the help is appreciated!
  6. There are a lot of pages, and I don't have a whole lot of time just now, so please forgive me if someone already brought this up. I have only clocked about 16 RT hours so far, made it to day 12. Is it just me, or does it seem nigh impossible to stay cool in the desert biome? No matter what I wear, don't wear, drink, etc... I am constantly sweltering. If it is not broken, can someone please advise how best to control temperature ( excepting the obvious modifying by way of the modifier numbers listed on certain clothing items ). I haven't seen any such numbers on the armor I've worn so far ( scrap and steel ). I wish I could elaborate this in a more technical way, but it just seems like being at 150 or above hydration, walking and not running, only wearing basic plant fiber clothes and not swinging anything should not push temp levels to over 105 degrees or more... I even tried swimming a bit, and no change even at 22% wetness. Thanks in advance for the help! Overall I am so jazzed about all the changes, so many vast improvements over A17. Aesthetically it is looking amazing btw! Keep up the good work gents!
  7. Love all the changes thus far, keep up the excellent work!
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