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  1. This is a vanilla thing, it has nothing to do with this mod. Therefore the mod author can't fix it.
  2. Iron Pickaxe scraps into mechanical parts. <3 Pretty sure that's not intended.
  3. Would anyone be willing to impart me with some wisdom in regards to the 'diamond nodes' in the Wasteland. I know in WOTW there were surface nodes in the wasteland. Is that a thing in Ravenhearst or are they exclusively underground? Just how rare are they underground? Are they like one block, or full blown nodes? I've been digging for 6 hours in the wasteland and have yet to find anything but shloads of copper/zinc lol. Mez
  4. NP! Btw, I had a post like 2-3 posts before that one that had to wait for admin approval so it popped up late, idk if you read it, but it might be a pretty serious bug! Bout to head out for a bit *wave* keep on keeping on. -Mez
  5. Questions about various things Is the skill granted by the survivor class "Craftskilltoolparts" supposed to do anything beyond increasing the craft speed? I only ask because you can't repair the actual tool parts "Tool Head: Iron Pickaxe" and they don't have quality. Is there a reason for having two recipes for the "Ammunition Table", one is significantly cheaper than the other in every aspect, for a mere 43s different craft time (with my current perks at least). Last question is rhetorical. Are you aware that presently Ravenhearst is probably the best 7d2d mod? Granted that's my op
  6. Potential Bug - Extended Firearm Assembly Book So got everything working. I was in creative on a test server trying to figure out how to learn the extended mags and silencers and stumbled onto the "extended firearm assembly" book. Upon using the book I unlocked what appears to be...every recipe in the game maybe? It just kept popping up new recipes that I'd learned that were entirely unrelated. For example, this book taught me everything electrical related, despite having a science of 1. I'm not sure just how prevalent it is, but after 5m of scouring my crafting menu at uber-slow-modded
  7. Post-Patch Woes So, tried to use the old folder to play, didn't work (probably cause of the name change). So I deleted it entirely, reinstalled using "7 Day Horde Edition". Freezes at loading screen doesn't do any of the precaching stuff. Figured what the hay, deleted that, deleted 7d2d from steam, reinstalled 7d2d on steam, verified, reinstalled "7 Day Horde Edition"....same issue. Is it just me? Thanks in advance, Mez
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