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  1. I hope everyone has been staying safe over these months. 💜 I'm really happy to announce some awesome news, and features, since my last update. 🎉🥳💥 We're now an official server partner! 💪 I'm thrilled to have had the chance to show off our platform to the 7 Days to Die team, and even more thrilled that we've made it onto the list. We've now hosted more than 6,000 servers 🤓 What's the best way to spend isolation or lockdown? Playing 7 Days to Die with friends, obviously! We've now hosted more than 6,000 servers, and we have an Excellent 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rating on Trustpilot. New features 🤩 Our awesome control panel - the one that's custom built for 7 Days to Die - just got more awesome. For those who are more technically inclined, you can now edit your server's raw configuration file from the control panel. This means you don't have to hop onto FTP to edit this one file, and you're not restricted to the control panel's list of options. It even has pretty colors! You can download your full log file from the control panel, to help troubleshoot any issues you're having. One more file you can avoid using FTP for! Our control panel now shows you when your server is generating its world while it's starting up, and if something has gone wrong (psst! no other 7 Days to Die host does this!) We've launched our Discord server, and we have a brand new help center for answers to any questions about managing your server.
  2. New: Scheduled actions! You can now schedule actions like restarting your server at predefined times:
  3. We've also had reports from our customers that this has started happening over the past few days. Moving hundreds of servers is not a viable option for us.
  4. We support maps >8192 on any plan other than our base plan - e.g. our $30 or $45/month plans. And yes, we provide full FTP access!
  5. FRAG provides 7 Days to Die server hosting in North America starting at $15/mo with a 24 hour FREE trial! You don't need a credit card to sign up - just enter an email address and password, and we'll set up your trial server in minutes. We've hosted more than 6,000 7 Days to Die servers since 2017. Official 7 Days to Die server partner Instant setup Online 24x7 High performance, custom tuned hardware 16 to 64 player slots NO branding 30-day money back guarantee Get help 24x7 direct from us, or on our community Discord Custom control panel with more 7D2D features in development 6,000+ servers hosted Exclusively 7 Days to Die hosting Start your FREE trial now!
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