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  1. Definitely do. The morning after a horde when you'd go out with your fire axe and know that you were upping your scavenging skill followed by some choppy choppy, get some bones while looking at the damage (or lack of) to the horde base and working out your strategy on how to expand ready for the next horde was one of the best moments in the game.
  2. In the serverconfig.xml file which is in the same folder as startdedicated.bat there is a line that starts: <property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" By default, the item in the value box is "SteamNetworking" but if your host friend closes the server, changes this to "LiteNetLib" then starts up the server again it should alleviate the problem.
  3. While I agree that the memory could be a cause for concern and adding more would help (there's definite mention in the log about removing things from memory), I don't think it's the issue. My wife plays on a machine with only 4GB and a 1050Ti and she can play no problem. We did have the same issue with that machine though (the 1050Ti is the 3rd graphics card, two were NVidia, one Radeon) and the only way to fix it was in the serverconfig.xml, replace the part in the file about disabling SteamNetworking with LiteNetLib Basically, you're timing out from LiteNetLib. Whether this is a true timeout or the default timeout time is set too low (so a lag makes LiteNetLib think you've timed out), I don't know but that's how we fixed the problem.
  4. 100% this. In Eric Bischoff's autobiography (and for those that don't know, he's the only man who has even beaten wrestling kingpin Vince McMahon at his own game), he said that when creating Monday Nitro to compete, they either had to be better than, worse than or different than. Couldn't be better than. The WWE had been around for a lot long longer and were much bigger. Couldn't be worse than. No one would have ever given them a chance. So they went with different and different made them stand out and for fans of WWE to switch their allegiance. I don't expect TFP to compete with the dozens of people working at Rockstar Games or Bethesda (and when I say Bethesda, I mean Skyrim and Fallout 4 Bethesda) and while I think they're doing an absolutely amazing job with a much smaller group, they made a mistake when they tried to make their game like others instead of keeping what was good about it being so different it stood out.
  5. I’m not sure that building is completely pointless now but at the same time, I don’t think it is the point of the game anymore. With over 600 hours play time, it is by far my favourite thing to do. Before A17, by day 7, I always made sure I had a cobblestone tower set up with, if I’d been lucky to find / make a working forge, iron bars to stand on around the edge. By day 14, extend it a little, maybe putting some traps around it to slow down the Z’s. Then spend the next week gathering the resources to either extend the base out or start something stronger, giving more space between me and the ever increasing in strength and quantity Z’s. Over time, add turrets / blade traps to keep up with the increase in cops and radiated enemies. And repeat this as my game stage climbed ever higher. Yes, in between there would be time to go and loot some POI’s and trade all that lovely extra loot dropped from your horde night success, and farm food and water and everything needed to survive in what was once a survival game. Now, the game seems to be, go to a trader, get a quest, complete the quest, get XP and some reward and repeat. Building a base in A18, because of the super intelligent Z’s on horde night who know where the weak points are, you effectively have to let them in on a clear path to you (same when digging underground) with minimal defences in between you and them and take them out. Or, trick the AI pathing by having a step they can’t jump across and watch them fall, run around and climb up again. It’s rather a shame.
  6. I read the sticky's and tried all the suggestions of which none were effective so I went with the 16GB machine running as a dedicated server and the exact same thing occurred. The only thing that has worked is changing the serverconfig.xml, enabling SteamNetworking and disabling LiteNetLib. The problem has to be there. Even if it's inside the timeout time being set too short inside it so a lag spike caused by a delay getting info from the server when looting or opening a chest (basically, anything that opens a menu) causes LiteNetLib to <b>think</b> there's been a disconnect when in fact, no such thing has happened.
  7. If you ever find a solution then do please let me know. We have exactly the same issue with the second computer on the same LAN. If LiteNetLib is enabled, frequent "Time Out" drops to the main menu but with SteamNetworking enabled, no disconnects at all. There is the occasional lag spike but as it's LAN, it's never too long and much, much better than frequent crashes to the menu.
  8. Totally agree with this. Playing last night and didn't connect with my club despite my aiming being spot on then walking backwards, the Z still got me.
  9. Trying to play on a local network with a server machine being host but not a dedicated server, the second computer (client) keeps randomly disconnecting. At first I thought it was because it only had a 2GB graphics card because of the error logs in so upgraded to a 4GB which means the game doesn't hang then crash out to Windows, it just drops out to the main menu. Checking the output log on the server machine, I get this message: INF NET: LiteNetLib: Client disconnect from: (Timeout) I went into the serverconfig.xml file and added LiteNetLib to the ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols but on loading up the saved game, it still loads it. I presume that somewhere else, there is a different serverconfig.xml specific to this version of the game I'm running. I've looked in \Program Files\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data and \AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie but can't see any files I can change in there. Help please. How do I disable the LiteNetLib without running a dedicated server?
  10. Same issue here but it's when opening pretty much anything. There's sometimes a pause that causes the pc to think the game has crashed and, being Windows 10, showing the rotating circle until it either comes back or crashes out.
  11. Is anyone else getting pauses when opening things? It seems to be happening all the time with Alpha 18. Press the E button to open pretty much anything, both pre-existing in the world and things I've crafted and there's a definite pause before it opens. Grand Spartan even commented on it on one of his streams the other night. Any ideas what's causing it and how to avoid it? i3 8100 16GB RAM GTX 1060 3GB Game on SSD
  12. For watching well made YouTube videos, Kage848. I've learnt so much from him in terms or base design and actually how to play to play the game rather than being zombie fodder. ::thumbs up:: For streaming then it's Grand Spartan. His series with his wife which streams about 7pm my local (UK) time are a Sunday highlight for me and my eldest daughter. I can't remember if it was just the once or more often but Mrs Spartan squeaked out a high pitched "got it!" when grabbing something and it made us both laugh so much, we use it regularly ourselves.
  13. Thanks but 4GB is the most the motherboard will take. No option to do that. Back to A16.4 and War of the Walkers it is then.
  14. When playing, the game frequently crashes at random times, in random locations (indoors and out) and with and without zombies in the area. Pastebin log for the latest crash here: https://pastebin.com/dDVjCKzM This only started happening with Alpha 18. Drivers are up to date, files have been validated, no mods installed both in single player and MP client. I haven't posted this as a bug because there's no way to reproduce it or guess when the next crash will occur. Hopefully someone who knows more about what's in the log than I do can shed some light on it so the wife and I can actually play together.
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