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  1. Most mods I find are in shotgun messiah crates/boxes.




    You repair most tools with the main component it's made of, like scrap iron, forged irom, forged steel, etc.

    Most weapons and advanced tools need a repair kit. You'll lose around 8 quality points each time.

    You can also use the combine method in the workbench (not the personal) in the two slots for it. Best is to use a lower item with full health and another one (that has not a zero health). You'll loose two health on the highest level item that way.


    for example, a stone ax or pickaxe, when you click on the button repair, the rumont is broken, still happening wish scrap iron

  2. Zombies cannot see through walls or rock. They can hear you through walls and rock. They hear very well now.


    - - - Updated - - -


    When the zombies are on top and I'm down, and between us is a wall in two blocks,

    then there is a seeing eye.

    post a video?

    and indeed they began to see you for three kilometer))) unreal


    P.S. my English is bad ^-)

  3. zombie sensed


    mod ver.

    cut his eyesight

    zombies see the day through walls and rock

    I understand you want to complicate the game

    but it's all delusional to look, when you sit under the ground, and they feel you and see you :crushed:


    I apologize for my English, but I hope I understood

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