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  1. for example, a stone ax or pickaxe, when you click on the button repair, the rumont is broken, still happening wish scrap iron
  2. Sorry for my english :-) tell me how to repair weapons and tools things now v5.4.13 need some kind of table or skill, I can not find
  3. zombie sensed mod ver. cut his eyesight zombies see the day through walls and rock I understand you want to complicate the game but it's all delusional to look, when you sit under the ground, and they feel you and see you I apologize for my English, but I hope I understood
  4. zombie sensed I sorry for my English. Zombies feel and see you through the walls or through the rock. mod v. cut his eyesight, as it is all crazy ;-( they see it this way I hope I understood:fat:
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