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  1. So, I'd tried out a bunch of the suggestions like turning off distant terrain, editing XML, and things like that. None of it was working for me. The fix I found was stupid simple. Update my graphics driver. I was running behind on the 436 branch of nVidia drivers. I updated to the 436.48 patch and the problem went away completely. I'm now running everything full ultra >30 FPS (1660Ti).
  2. I'm running a pretty high end system. 3700X, 32GB RAM, 1660Ti. My FPS drop seems linked directly to texture quality. Quarter quality = 50-60FPS. Anything over that, single digits unless I stare straight at the ground. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the browser has nothing to do with the overall problem.
  3. For me, I'm having a HUGE drop in FPS that appears to be entirely linked to texture quality. Running textures at quarter quality I'm at 50-60FPS, anything over that, instant drop to single digit FPS unless I stare straight down at the ground. If I stare at the ground, FPS goes back to the mid 50s.
  4. Generally speaking, I really roll with the punches regarding all the changes from alpha to alpha, and mostly across the board, I'm one who's pretty happy with where the game is at and going. One thing I really miss though from back in the A14-15 days was how dangerous cities were. Cities felt like a real goal to go after. You'd start out in the middle of nowhere, search for a small neighborhood to loot to get started, move up to a town, take some time getting better, then finally go after a city. Back then, trying to rush into a city meant absolute, certain death over and over at low level. That, to me at least, really made the work to get good gear and get better really pay off when you finally walked into the city and held your own. You'd sneak around, dodge dogs, snipe cops, but you had to respect the threat it all posed, even if it was sort of a cheap threat from sneaky dogs. I feel like that's totally gone now. Cities don't feel dangerous at all, and often, early game is just about racing to find one, hide on top of a store for a couple nights, then get right to looting. Has there been any talk bringing some danger level back to the cities at all? Or are there any mods that try to make that happen?
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