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  1. Lol! Thats great, and this mod is too. I hadn't got the chance to say, it is SO GREAT that you and Stasis are working together. I saw JaWoodles video on this mod and thought it was Stasis's only because I hadn't seen/heard a thing about your coming out. When I found out there were two mods, my first thought was "Oh no, how am I gonna get the mods to work together?" Cause of all the games I've ever played & modded, I don't think I've been witness to a community as quick to work together and help one another as 7D2D. You guys are fantastic.
  2. Beefcake Workout Supplement...Beefcake, BEEFCAKE! Awesome work!
  3. Does anyone know what could possibly be keeping my food and water values from showing on the character stats page? I'm just curious. No big deal. But I wondered if it was related to the playerstats modlet or something. I noticed a mod I had installed (Cooked Cans) got broken after the update. The Cvars were changed from something like foodAmount to $foodamount. I wondered if this could be the culprit.
  4. I've still been using it since you uploaded it, but I changed the loot id a long time ago, because it conflicted with another mod I had installed. So I never noticed it. But I love it.
  5. Working 100%! Sorry, yea I didn't see that you uploaded a new version. Tv's are working great! I got a copy of Day of the Dead (1986) and a fake Emegency broadcast mp4's that work and look great. Love it!
  6. I placed them, powered them, unpowered them. Turned them on and off, nothing. Only a black screen. I tried my own .mp4's. Nothing. I've got other problems too, like food and water values not showing up in my stats menu, armor rating not adding right. So I think I may have too many mods/edits. That or the game is just buggy as hell right now
  7. Dude! The Tv's are a great touch. I'm looking on Youtube for Emergency Broadcast Alerts that refer to a pandemic, or zombies. It'll add a great level of ambiance and a definite spooky factor. --Dang it. I can't seem to get them Tv's to work. Hooked them up to a battery bank. I can turn them on and off. But no video/audio.--
  8. SDX mods require the SDX Launcher to compile them. Once compiled they are in your Mods folder. Already in Modlet form. At least for me.
  9. Junk Drops Hey Xyth! I just wanted to share what I did to get a lot more junk items in my game. I know it may be a bit much but if anyone wanted to increase the Junk drops, all you have to do is place this at the bottom of the Loot.xml. Its helped me get the amount of material I was looking for. With loot turned up to 500%, you can scavenge all the material you need. But you will be scrapping a TON. <!-- LOOTGROUPS --> <append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='junk']"> <item group="itemJunk" count="0,5" prob="4"/> </append> <append
  10. OOOOHHHH YEAH. I'm am gonna make this mod my homepage for a while. I think I might get to work on some Shouts so I can be a true DoZEDkiin!
  11. Have you placed your Land Claim Block? Might try destroying it and placing a new one. Sounds like that may be the problem. But, Idk.
  12. Awesome! THX! I was just looking at the Loot.xml... and was think if I add in this... <insertAfter xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name=empty]"> <lootgroup name="junkPersonal" count="1"> Or maybe next to rubberJunk add (count="1,3" prob="1") It would tweak the chance and amount too. Gonna give it a try right now.
  13. Hey Xyth! Is there a way to increase the probability of the Junk Items? I added a recipe to craft Scrap Polymers using Acid, Oil, Glue, Cotton and Scrap Rubber. Only problem is I can NOT find scrap rubber anywhere. I think since I installed the mod a week ago, I have found like one rubber item. Even with loot cranked up to 500%, and the Dev Loot Glasses.
  14. I second this. Variety is the spice of life.
  15. This is a complete SDX noob question, but after I have built/compiled my sdx mods, do I always have to start 7d2d with the SDX launcher? I mean, I did once, but I have been launching 7d2d like normal (without the sdx launcher) and all my sdx mods work fine. Am I just not aware of something?
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