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  1. you could spend DAYS harvesting decorations and houses for wood you need, think of all the fun that would bring.... <jk>😁
  2. I have been playing A18, new game after the public release, without changing anything to see what I needed to adjust, When I did start making changes however I noticed that the changes I am making to the XML files are not doing anything, the game continues to load the old settings, does it load a different set of XMLs for the save? I have added a few custom recipes, changed the traders times, removed zombie jump, run, ect. I have altered the XMLs on every version of the game, this is the first time I have had the changes not take effect. I have already checked that the game did not reset them and I have reset them myself (verified game files) and tried again. I looked but I don't see a new set of XMLs anywhere, but the game doesn't seem to be loading the ones in the Data folder unless I start a new game, and then any changes after the game is started have no effect. Any help would be great, thanks.
  3. Also unless they changed this update (I didn't look through the patch notes this time) Land claim blocks will stop zombie spawns for the area of your claim, so no sleeper respawns in your POI turned into a home.
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