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    Uh... middle aged guy who has lost his hand eye coordination and can't remember anything he was doing, so tries to exit his game looking at items or holding certain items in his hand to jog his memory about what he meant to do next time he started the game. Also loves to delete saves and start new games. Have never made it past day 30 due to this "personality quirk". Also vows to never again so long as I draw breath to ever join on online multiplayer experience ever again... ever.
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    Photography, Hiking, being an anti-social sh*#bag
  1. Personally, I was using windows 10 all "happy" as could be. ( I have always had a hatred for microsoft, even if it's not based in reality. ) During one of their automatic updates, something went wrong and my laptop turned into a paperweight. Rather than try to go about fixing it with the OS that would give me the best results in all things, I went for the option that would turn my brick back into a computer quicker. Got a flash drive and put a Linux install on it. Functionality is miserable. But it's good enough for an internet box. This potato wasn't good at playing most games anyway. I'm banished from playing intensive games anyway until I get a new rig, at which time I will be going back to windows, but with a physical disc installation. So that future bricks can be resolved with minimal time spent on getting full functionality.
  2. TFP want us to get out and loot more, instead of staying in the base crafting. So this is by design, and I doubt our opinions will change their minds about the crafting and looting aspects. As far as the farm goes (I may be incorrect) hitting the plant to harvest instead of the 'use' key changed due to the lag caused by the old method of farming. Previously the game recalculated stability (I think) when the plants were harvested and it resulted in quite a bit of lag, especially in multiplayer servers. As far as blood moon horde is concerned... it's heavily based on gamestage, but you can change how many BM zombies are spawned at once in the settings if you think it's too much. I usually have my BM spawns and running speeds turned down because my computer gets low FPS (Side note, since the latest experimental 18.4 dropped I have reached 30+ fps and I haven't seen that good of a performance since A16 ended.)
  3. I have a thought that makes sense to me and am wondering how others (including devs) feel about it: I think that someone who perks into a item/crafting tree should be able to use raw materials to create the desired item at their quality level. (Example - Hunting rifle would take wood, forged metal, mechanical parts, etc) Someone who has only found a schematic for creating an item should have a different recipe that can only make low quality and requires the "parts" from scrapped items in that category.
  4. My experience is not a viable answer because I'm on a potato computer (Could barely play A16, A17 I got average 16 fps, A18 experimental I'm getting 3fps outdoors and 10 fps indoors). But I can tell that their optimizations especially the occlusion system is doing its job. Alas I will resort to watching others stream until I get a decent modern computer. But based on my A16 experience comparison between windows and linux, gameplay is very similar as long as drivers are updated and settings are tweaked to keep resource overhead low.
  5. I love how so many folks are complaining about the FPS drop in their game. Welcome to my world of potato computing! I was rocking 20 frames under A16 at native laptop resolution and after dropping to an abysmal 6 frames in A17 I lowered my resolution the two notches that were possible and I am still rocking 20 fps. Loving this new alpha, thanks TFP. The new stats and skill trees allow for a more RPG feel, and that increases replay value. So much winning! For all you scaredy-cat players out there, it is possible to run insane/always run on 10 fps, just have to adjust tactics and timing. Step 1 - Make game hard Step 2 - Die often Step 3 - Git gud scrub Step 4 - Conquer the world When I finally do upgrade computer/equipment I will be running around like a boss because the game just got gravy.
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