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  1. So this bunker with tech notes...We looked in Missile Silos, The ones with the weird back yard and little shed that has steps down to the hidden bunker, three of the military bases types and we can't find any of the research desks. is it possible they wouldnt spawn in 17.3 random gen?
  2. Crazy how quickly the sleepers are escalating if those arent changing. Literally opened a crack abook with 2 Feral Wrights, plus 4-5 "normal" Ferals plus about 10 additional zombos. Bunkers? Like the hidden military bunkers? Or something else. We were playing in the wasteland and found multiple behemouths and had to bolt.
  3. Two questions: 1) How hard should things get around a level 100? I dont think we can solo loot anywhere. 2) Where do we get research notes?
  4. The lathe is a rare drop only. Were 24 days in and still havent found it yet. Also havent found research notes.
  5. So these exploding guys...are they disguised as radiated dogs? During horde night we got 80+ for our day 21 horde and it was just way overwhelming. Fun as crap but wow...wasnt expecting that...they broke into the base and blew up our battery bank Another question - Smelting titanium. Advanced Forge doesnt have a collector number like the others. Even with the crucible in the advanced forge it wont start breaking down. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
  6. Doing that still isn’t trigger the new class quest. For example, I read the hunter book but no quest to go with it.
  7. Hi - me and my buddy are enjoying the mod. Very difficult which has lead to a more immersive experience. I think we’re doing something wrong though. We each chose classes but we can’t get additional classes to work. For example, we found 2 hunter books, both read them but the hunter quest didn’t trigger. Can you help? Not having science is turning out to be very challenging.
  8. Railstin

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hey - I am using Bluefang for a server and they dont have the combo pack plus bigger backpack as an option. Is there a reason you didnt link to them? I see it in the launcher.
  9. Anyone had issues with the Horde Beacons? We placed it and no zombies spawned.
  10. UNET is one of the check boxes on the mod launcher. Make sure you have it checked.
  11. I had issues initially. Dont run EAC and Disable UNET. What made it for me is uninstalling the mod, deleting the folder where the mod was kept and re-installing the mod. Make sure you are getting 2.02 or later.
  12. Jax - Love the mod. Havent had this much fun playing the game since I first found it in Alpha 12ish. One quick story - Love the bandit camp! We have been very confined to one city due to the difficulty of the mod. I am streaming with two of my buddies and one of my...more adventurous friends has decided that today is the day he is going to find another trader. All is fine, I am exploring our wasteland city, worst I have seen is two irradiated cops and a couple feral cowboys. Suddenly buddy is freaking out. Yelling, screaming and dead. We found our first bandit compound and he felt ve
  13. Jax - When did you release 2.0 to Blue fang? The one with the non-spawning zombies animals?
  14. How do you have a concrete base at day 3?
  15. Has anyone had issues with animals and zombies not spawning? Im on day 3 and I originally thought I did something with the server config. However, going into night three, no zombies, no sleepers, no animals. I have also fallen through the world 3-4 times using the mod. So I brought the safe zones down significantly and I am still got spawns on 21 day streamer version running on my bluefang server. Jax - Any thoughts? Also I am not able to scrap items (Brass, clothes, etc.)
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