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  1. Don't read into my comment. Just because I have feedback to provide doesn't mean I'm dissatisfied with the game. The game is a work in progress. Pretty sure the devs want to know how players experience it. The linearly progressing loot would probably "feel" better if tools weren't infinitely repairable. Also I'd try removing the stone tier from loot tables and add a high-end-loot-only titanium tier and only it would be infinitely repairable.
  2. As much as I understand the reasons for it, this still doesn't feel great. Not once I've made a forge and am rocking my own level 2 or 3 iron tools.
  3. Yeah it's pretty much just a matter of sacrificing any semblance of realism for the sake of game theory. I'd say the crates themselves are a big part of the problem. Someone concerned with "realism" might ask why there's a crate with just a couple of items in it to begin with. Wouldn't a "real" unopened hardware shipping crate be packed with two dozen or so iron picks, not just one? What would such a find do to game balance? So ditch the crates? Or at least ditch the unopened crates. How long did people try to survive the apocalypse? They looted everything in sight. Maybe the player inventory is the problem. I can carry 45 items, any combination of heavy iron tools, guns, armor, brass trophies and doorknobs. What if I could carry far less? Backpack loaded with small items like ammo and scrap resources. Larger items can be carried in hands or maybe one or two strapped to my belt, but at the cost of making me more clumsy. More "realistic". Also maybe more frustrating and frankly just not the kind of game TFP is aiming to make.
  4. Inadvertently left the game running overnight on a brand new map. Did not have a bedroll placed yet. Died >170 times. Apparently respawned in the exact same spot every time. 3044 W 3656 N Is there a setting I missed on the server? Or is this a bug? Restarted the game to get the exact coords of the respawn point. There was a bear near me, so I went to pet it. This time the game offered the "on my bed or near my bed" options...even though I didn't have one. I had picked it up after placing it in the intro quests. Nonetheless it spawned me in the spot I had placed it in the intro quests. This is weird.
  5. One of the best and most natural looking POIs I've encountered. Was a blast to run it several times.
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