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  1. Twine can be obtained in houses. Destroy drapes / curtains and cloth furniture ( chairs, couches, etc ).
  2. Thanks for getting this updated so quickly. Unfortunately, it now seems broken for me. Clean install of the base game ( 19.6 ) via the launcher, then this mod atop it, no other modlets. Launches fine, then pictured below happens before main menu loads. Shows console errors. Any idea? Played fine earlier on 19.5. https://imgur.com/a/YZNMB0D https://imgur.com/a/aOLEZni
  3. @KhaineGB Thanks for updating this so quickly upon the release of 19.4, and for increasing the size of the muscle car's storage space. I've uninstalled the mod through the launcher, re-downloaded it via the same way to ensure a 19.4 build from Steam, and I've not seen a single issue thus far. I'll miss out on maybe a few minor bits, but can always restart if needed. Far as Alpha 19 goes, are you planning to add any more to the mod? There's plenty already, merely curious. Loved playing this back in Alpha 17 with folks. Thank you again.
  4. @KhaineGB I have come across a few such books, just one the other day that added to bladed weapons skill, so thanks for confirming that bit. @Canute Not having any issues with the launcher, it works very well for me. Was more asking if save compatibility would be an issue, but I'll just stay with the current version. Maybe restart later if my character feels too OP. I'm a bit overkill on backing things up, so save and copy my data each time I'm done with a session of 7 Days. Alrighty, thanks for the info from you both.
  5. Have a question regarding this mod as it and the base game move forward. How do we go about updating it and keeping our progress when playing through the 7 DtD Mod Launcher? I like DF quite a lot, but can't see myself wanting to grind my LBD skills all the way up to their current 50 hour+ playtime my world currently has. In vanilla you can just use the console to get your level back through cheating in XP, but the LBD system of old still has skills gated and closed with extra requirements needed for some progression. If I'm merely able to pre-sync the mod via the launcher, no problem. When 19.4 drops and this mod gets updated, should my save still work? Would I need to re-download the newer 19.4 compatible DF though the launcher and re-add my world / save files? I've no idea, usually wait for the last patch to drop before playing mods, but that's hard with 7 Days to know which'll be last. Any help appreciated, and thanks for the mod.
  6. I've seen and had this happen as well. Only workaround for me was to exit the game completely, or at least back to the main menu and reload the game. Its annoying, but seems to work. Am playing on Pregen2, no idea if that's relevant. Shouldn't be.
  7. Build yourself a research station and place it. It unlocks schematics to level up things like items and weapons. Start with the lowest tier ( Believe its E, highest seems to be A? ) and work your way higher when you have the required bits. There's tiers of tables and benches as well, but its a place to start. I've no idea if you can simply wait and build the highest Tier bench, and have it do everything. Perhaps Subquake can clarify.
  8. Remembered this mod well from the Alpha 16 days, glad to see its back and has more content. Thank you for your continued work, and releasing it for Alpha 19. The UI, workstations and new items look great, too.
  9. I've no idea how that could happen since I'm launching through the mod launcher, just figured I should report the issue. This mod is the only I've been playing lately, because its fun and all. Suppose I'll just get back to grinding for levels and reacquire skills. If the save did somehow get borked, can always restart. Thank you again, for the mod and the response.
  10. I've run into a bit of a problem here. I stopped playing yesterday evening, not too far from the first horde night. Have sunk points into the normal trees besides sorcery to build, craft, get good items and all that. Even put the XP gain at 300% so I could have more fun, while still putting in the time for grinding zombies, mats and all. Issues is, when I logged into the game today, well.. all my character stats were reset. I always copy and back up my save files in case something gets corrupted. Took a screen to show this, hence me having steel tools and such. Even if its not able to be duplicated, none of my gathered items in chests disappeared, and my tower in the making is still there. I'll keep playing, just.. well that's annoying. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Edit : am using mods other than Sorcery, the HDHQ texture pack ( 2K version ) and some of the modlets available via the launcher. https://i.imgur.com/PUoEifz.jpg https://imgur.com/a/F7KAMsI
  11. I have not tried it yet, but will soon. I wanted to give this a try against hordes with 32 Zombies, and found is surprisingly well balanced and effective. Fire and Ice pair well with eachother, both precise hits, and the AoE spells / effects. The particle effects look really nice, and the abilities that come with casting tools once leveled.. kind of make it so you don't need to spend points on other cool perks in vanilla 7 Days. Really nice work with this mod.
  12. Really fun mod, especially once you master the Fire element. I've another question though, about Lightning. I can't seem to unlock it, the perk tree just shows next to the checks as 'Disabled'. Not sure if this is a bug, or it isn't yet implemented. Fire and Ice trees work fine by the way. Thank you again.
  13. Think I'll go ahead and just keep playing then. I only need clay soil still in order to craft this 'station'. Thank you for the quick response, your mod looks interesting and unique.
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