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  1. thx. I gave it another try and patience was worth it. The download speed was slow but that was definitely limitation on github side. also thx to sphereii. BTW is there an option to show download status in launcher?
  2. I did this few times already but tried again. Copying only relevant last lines from log. For how long is it worth to wait? It took 15 minutes so far. My experience is that at this stage nothing happens even if I leave it running for hours. INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Checking for Downloads. INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Waiting for Background Process to complete: Deleting existing mods... INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Background Process completed: Deleting existing mods... INFO 5 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Attempting to download: https://github.com/JaxTeller718/MainVersion/archive/
  3. After that the launcher started vanila game. links: https://pastebin.com/fsQ0p7c2 https://pastebin.com/g0EP1Tkd
  4. No need to appologize sphereii. Thank you for trying to help me. Here comes the link: https://pastebin.com/dST63gnX The strange think is that launcher worked fine with previous Dawn of the New Apocalypse version of Ravenhearst. As you can see in log, I was able to run the MOD refresh today. Unfortunately game freezed on Loading game files stage for 30 minutes. I tried it few times without success. My assumption was that some files were corrupted so I deleted Ravenhearst folder completely and tried the installation from scratch but since that time, it fails. I tried it few times. You can a
  5. Now it shows "Clone Mode Detected. Refreshing existing depot..." like 40 times followed by lunching the game but it is just a vanila one. I will try to clean install the vanila game and try again. Edit: It might be some conflict with residues from SMX mod in vanila game. Fresh install should fix it. I will update here the result. Edit 2: Nope, still the same issue even ater fresh install.
  6. Please, is it normal that when I try to Play 21 Day Horde Edition mod with Automatic mod refresh enabled, the update hangs on "Clone Mode Detected. No previous GIT exist. Recloning..." Right now it is for about an hour. This was a fresh installation. Thx for advice.
  7. Farming class - NullReferenceException I am using version 2.0 from launcher with auto updates. When I start with Farming class, I get following error after I read class paper or when I click on farmer class in Quest menu. Other classes works fine. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at RewardSkill.SetupReward () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BaseReward.get_Icon () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at XUiC_QuestRewardEntry.GetBindingValue (System.String& value, .BindingItem binding) [0x00000] in <filename un
  8. Yes, I did. I tried to start new game few times to see the difference. At firstt, I probably made shiv directly from first bone harvested with hunting knife. In other starts, I tried to get bone with shiv and get more bones before craft. Interesting is that in first case the quest tracker for bone collection changed to 1/1 and turned green while in second case it went 1/1 but remained red.
  9. Blade class issue Does anyone else have problem with first quest in blade class? When I craft bone shiv it is not registred as done in quest log. 15 zombie kills with bone shiv are correctly done but the crafting part isn't. This blocks me from further progress. I cannot even change the quest objectives in xml because after that game freezes on loading items part and I have to run game again from launcher.
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