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  1. this is so, but you can’t play online with it, I suggest allowing this modification to be anti-cheat, since it is not considered as a cheat but only restores the justice of Russian players ----- p.s. google translite
  2. question up! ----- due to the fact that a18 comes out, but there is no Russification and no, it might make sense to look in the direction of “free-hired”, there is such a guy on the Steam trading platform, he translates your libraries, but of course its doesn’t miss the anti-cheat, maybe just analyze its work and let his “modification” pass the test (I’m sure that he will give you accessibility for any checks) ----- p.s. google translite
  3. meanwhile, from the community games on Steam alone makes a translation to the latest version, only online with him not to play, anti-cheat does not miss, can there is an opportunity to allow its translation?
  4. I thank for the response! perhaps, you know when?) in 17 there is such opportunity?
  5. Hello, I not English-speaking also ask to forgive me in not the accuracy of the translation in advance (or gross forms). tell please why there are no Russian versions of a game? maybe in plans is available? it would be desirable to have a complete support of Russian from original developers of a game, but not to seek the redrawn fonts elsewhere? And whether there will be a support in the future of the Russian players? Perhaps intentionally there is no translation into Russian?
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