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  1. will all weapons get three tiers? I like the concept of the intelligence weapons but find them a tad underwhelming. the shock baton lacks damage and the stun ability isn't a seller on using it like the bat or spear. And the junk turret is great on horde night but the perks in attack speed don't translate to use in the hand, also you can't aim the thing with precision. I suggested a full three tiers for the intelligence attribute weapons a few weeks ago and i haven't had seen anything about from you. page 21 comment 304 is the original post.
  2. so basically an old ammo can? like what the junk turret ammo icon is.
  3. well if bows can alternative ammo with stone, iron, steel and flaming arrows why not be able to just use darts as an alternative ammo for junk turrets even if its at reduced clip size. steel arrows need to be learned to make maybe a special book could be used to allow the use of darts in the junk turrets. i don't think a mod is the answer.
  4. Why not use darts as an alternate ammo type for the junk line i suggested. junk ammo as basic and darts as the better ammo. one can be made in inventory at any time like stone arrows and the other has to be made on the forge. darts are already used in dart traps why not junk turrets and junk rifles?
  5. Would be cool if you could find shopping carts in the wasteland that you could use and push around like some black Friday hoarder and bring back all the stuff from you raids like a chipmunk getting ready for winter. it could be the first craft-able "vehicle" without needing perks. Also had ideas for the intelligence line of weapons i thought would be cool. The shock stick- a stick wrapped in copper wiring that even an idiot savant can do. one flashlight, five electrical parts and three wood. Homemade mulnir- when mid evil meets high tech, a mace covered in electrical contacts that delive
  6. was playing this morning and just thought that the junk turret was great to throw down but not so good in hand and thought to myself why doesn't the turret have variations or precursors like the rifle or pistol. when starting my game i chose the agility tree and have been running with it the entire time. i looked over the intelligence line of weapons and notice that they where good but not a mainstay in game play. so i came up with a junk line and shock baton weapons line. The shock stick- a stick wrapped in copper wiring that even an idiot savant can do. one flashlight, five electrical
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