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  1. You mean builder's forge? I don't see a weapon forge in the cheat menu or crafting menu.
  2. How exactly do I craft composite bow parts? I have they clay and iron that's necessary, and it says I need a crucible for some of the parts, so I tried the forge, but it doesn't let me craft it in there despite having two of the parts highlighted. I've tried the workbench, but still nothing.
  3. So, the one I use from steam isn't the .exe version? How do I add the .exe version to my steam library? The one from my steam library is the one I chose from the desktop... so I am a bit perplexed.
  4. I already have it installed, it's just that if I launch the mod launcher through the desktop, it'll connect online to check for updates, however, if I launch through my steam library, it won't check for updates, and it doesn't show me the mod launcher version like it would if I were to launch it through the desktop. I was just afraid that the steam library version wouldn't be as up-to-date, but I guess that wouldn't make sense since they're both the same launcher... Anyways, I have another problem... I just noticed that I just lost 10gb of space out of no where, and I think it's because of
  5. What difficulty is this mod recommended to play on?
  6. Anyone know how to get the mod launcher to connect online, to check for updates, when launching through the steam shortcut?
  7. Anyone know why my construction skills isn't going up? I'm like level 100 and for some reason, I just noticed now that it's still at level 1. Using a stone axe or taking things apart with my wrench isn't going up. I'm using the 5.2 version of this mod. It works in vanilla btw. EDIT: BTW, I have started a new game but it still yields the same results.
  8. I have another question, how do I play the early builds of 7d2d? I installed stable_u52, the latest experimental u52 and alpha 10.4 through the launcher, but when I load the game, it's still the latest update. And I do make new worlds each time I try it out.
  9. In the mod launcher, you can install the simple UIs with the 120 inventory backpack size. I tried copying the URL link provided to add to WOTW, but nothing seemed to have changed. And Undead Legacy has a pretty huge backpack size. I don't know if it's 120, but it's a lot bigger than the big backpack size inventory you can get in WOTW.
  10. Can anyone tell me how to add the 120 increased inventory size mod to other mods like WOTW, if it's even possible, through the mod launcher?
  11. I keep getting this weird glitch when I start up WOTW. I'm using the 5.2 version, and I don't know if its the mod launcher causing it or what, but at the main menu, the cursor will turn into a circle and it'll move on its on to the top of the screen. Even if I do manage to get past the menu and into the game, my guy will start looking up, and I'll have no control over the mouse. EDIT: Okay, don't think its a WOTW glitch or the mod launcher glitch. My cursor still turned into a circle and was moving on its own even when I started up a regular 7 Days to Die game, not through the mod launcher
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